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Lucas Corazza brings together living chefs to help pastry chefs in the South

The event created by Comercial Martini will take place on 15 and 16 May

Chef Lucas Corazza, in collaboration with the entrepreneur Adriana Kauer, of Comercial Martini, will hold a series of live shows on May 15th and 16th with the aim of raising funds for the pastry chefs in the South who have lost everything due to the disaster that is devastating the state.

The programming will be intense. On May 15th there will be live shows scheduled from 3pm to 9pm with succulent themes: brownie recipes, cookie fudge, caramapple, stuffed sablé… On the 16th, the marathon continues with the presence of confectionery experts who will give recipes, advice and they will answer questions. by participants (check the program below).

In total there are 14 lives and the idea is that participants contribute to the fundraising by purchasing an e-book with recipes from more than 50 professionals from different pastry sectors for the minimum suggested value of R$ 25. The purchase can be carried out during each of the lives.

The Sugar Cake Show event, in person, in downtown Porto Alegre was initially scheduled for the same date. The online event can be accessed from the Instagram profiles @sugarcakeshow and @cheflucascorazza.

Check the schedule

May 15th

3pm – Janaina Suconic / Caramapple

4.00pm – Lucas Corazza

5pm – Douglas Santos / Brownie

18:00 – Nani Magalhães/Stuffed Sables

7.00pm – Ricardo Daudt

8.00pm – Tabata Romeiro

9.00pm – Kelma Gual

Day 16/05

3pm – Fabulous Tathi

4.00pm – Any of Lucca

5pm – César Yukio / Chocolate Snickerdoodle

18:00 – Gustavo Ono

7.00pm – Angela Luz

8pm – Léo Vilela / Cookie Fudge theme.

Source: Terra

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