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Is even just a little sugar in your diet bad for you? Understand the effects

The topic gains importance in the midst of the “sugar epidemic era”

Sugar is considered by many to be the enemy of a healthy life, that is, it is a crystallized carbohydrate that in excess can interfere with the world of fitness. Yet there are those who live lightly with a doubt, for example: is a little sugar in the diet acceptable?

See if a little sugar is acceptable in your diet

The exclusion of added sugars, and especially white sugar, does not indicate suffering. Exploring the natural sweetness of fruit and white sugar alternatives in our desserts impacts our health and helps us discover authentic flavors.

“Choosing a healthy diet does not have to mean giving up sweet pleasure, it is actually a matter of choosing more natural sources of sugar”, reiterated the endocrinologist. Dr. Gisele Lorenzoni.

Therefore, there are options such as honey, xylitol or dates, which provide nutritional benefits. “This simple change can have a significant impact on our long-term health, helping to control blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of various health conditions,” commented the doctor.

Another example of safe sugar consumption

A positive example is fruit juices without the addition of sweets. “By ingesting a fruit in its liquid form, we enjoy the nutritional benefits without the glucose spikes associated with industrialized juices. This intelligent choice not only preserves the vitamins and fibers of the fruit, but also contributes to daily hydration”, concluded Gisele Lorenzoni .

Another tip

“There are more and more alternatives to sugar on the market. It’s a matter of personal taste, but replacing or even enjoying the pure flavor of food tends to be very positive. And, for those already feeling the effects of excessive consumption, it’s it is important to consult a doctor to combat the problems”, concluded Dr. Consolação Oliveira, a doctor specialized in nutrition, hormonal physiology and orthomolecular medicine.

Source: Terra

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