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Cult 56 years: This sci-fi movie will have its own remake with Euphoria cast… Who will be the main character?

We owe him Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim, Baby Driver and most recently Last Night in Soho… talented British director Edgar Wright is in talks to direct a remake of Roger Vadim’s sci-fi film Barbarella.

site Deadline reveals that screenwriters Jane Goldman (Kick-Ass, Miss Peregrine) and Honey Kinney Ross are also in discussions with Sony Pictures to write a new adaptation of Jean-Claude Forrest’s comic book.

Sydney Sweeney succeeds Jane Fonda

Years in the planning, this new version will be directed and produced by American actor Sidney Sweeney, most notably seen in Euphoria, Everything But You and the horror film Immaculée.

Thus, the young woman replaces Jane Fonda, who played the astronaut Barbarella in the 1968 film. He must find Durand-Durand, a scientist who disappeared several years ago, the inventor of an absolute weapon that he wants to sell to an enemy planet.

Upon its release, the film received a lot of criticism for the stereotypical portrayal of women it portrayed, and it was even called a “bad pornographic film”.

Jane Fonda’s fears

Interview in January 2023 The Hollywood Reporter Jane Fonda said about the remake project:I try not to think about it because I worry about what it will be like. I had an idea for a sequel, but producer Dino De Laurentiis refused to listen to me. But it could have been a really feminist film.” The actor, very committed, is really concerned about the sexualization of Sydney Sweeney and the message the film might convey.”

Sydney Sweeney

The worry is gone Sydney Sweeney who announced variety Last August: “I find strength in my femininity. I use my brain and use what I learn every day in this industry as strength. Knowledge is everything.” The announcement of director and screenplay by Edgar Wright and Jane Goldman should reassure fans and Jane Fonda alike.

Meanwhile, Sydney Sweeney is on the set of Ron Howard’s Eden and will play boxer Christy Martin in a biopic directed by David Michaud.

in turn Edgar Wright He’s gearing up to reboot The Running Man, starring Glenn Powell (Sidney Sweeney’s partner in Everything But You ), so Barbarella should be filming after that.

The release date has not been announced yet.

Source: Allocine

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