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9 makeup ideas for Festa Junina!

Putting on makeup for the Festa Junina can be simple with the right advice. Check it out here!

One of the most anticipated parties of the year is knocking on the door: Festa Junina! Delicious food, bonfires, square dancing… There’s no shortage of fun at the festival. And to stand out at the São João party, there is nothing better than showing off a well-studied look. We’re not just talking about cornrows or straw hats, okay?

9 makeup ideas for the June party

We’ve prepared 9 makeup ideas for anyone to rock during the June holidays.

The first tip is to draw that classic line between the eyebrows, to represent a unibrow. This can be done with a black eyeliner. The makeup adds a fun edge to the look and doesn’t require much effort or attention.

Another idea, also simple to create, is a basic eyeliner with red blush and dots on the cheek. In fact, cheeks are a great place to explore different designs that can include everything from hearts to flags.

Highlight your cheeks with June party makeup

The third tip concerns the details on the lips: a red or fuchsia lipstick is always bolder, but a gloss can give a more relaxed look. Regardless of your choice, lips elevate the look!

Use and abuse the flashy colors on the mouth to create a unique makeup look for the June party

June party makeup for men

For men the focus is all on the beard. Natural hair always adds more credibility to the look. But here’s our fourth tip: choose a more relaxed look with a studied (and creative) beard or mustache. It is also possible to prepare makeup with a burnt cork.

The beard is the big bet for men's makeup for the June holidays

The fifth tip concerns the types of moustaches. Innovate! You can create a pointed style, typical of the June holidays, or a long and round one, “on the stretch”. Which look is most similar to you?

The mustache makes the June party look relaxed

Our sixth tip is a well-defined sideburn with the same characteristics as the unibrow. Use and abuse the black pencil!

Create the base with black pencil

Makeup for a June party for children

Another tip for children is to pay attention to the drawings on their faces. Here’s our seventh tip: in addition to flags, think, for example, about doodled on balloons or butterflies. Use different colors!

Balloons or hearts as makeup for the June party

Our eighth tip comes back to the mouth area: how about painting some teeth black?

Black tooth is a trademark of June holiday makeup

Finally, do you want to make your children’s look more modern? Go for some glitter near your eyes! Here creativity speaks louder.

The last tip teaches you how to make your June party makeup look amazing

With these makeup tips for the June party, fun is guaranteed!

Source: Terra

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