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What can you make from a paper bag: 13 great ideas

Paper bags are simply made to be made into something new.

We’ve put together some interesting ideas: here’s how to recycle a paper bag to give it a second life even richer than the first.

Almost Chinese lanterns

use of paper bags in decoration

use of paper bags in decoration

No matter what holiday is coming – New Year, Halloween or your birthday: paper bags can be used for decoration on any of these occasions. Cut a pattern on it, fill the bottom with sand or soil, then add an LED inside – and you will get a pretty lamp.

Weed mat

how to recycle a paper bag

how to recycle a paper bag


Most paper bags can be turned into fertilizer simply by tearing them into pieces and adding them to the rest of your compost. However, there is another way to use paper in the garden: cut the bags into sheets, place them on the newly weeded area and cover them with mulch to prevent them from blowing away. The bags will decompose over time, nourishing the soil while preventing weeds from appearing.

Gift wrap

paper bag packaging ideas

paper bag packaging ideas

Instead of buying wrapping paper every time you wrap a gift, make your own from a regular brown bag – a little creativity and it will already look much more interesting.

Storage container

paper bag organization ideas

paper bag organization ideas

If you have a paper bag, there are also storage ideas. You don’t need to invent anything complicated: bags are great for putting children’s toys (for example, pieces of construction games) in them, and then putting them on shelves. But if you are willing to spend a little time, take the instructions – they will help you make a great organizer.

Kitchen Drawer Liners

paper bag storage ideas

paper bag storage ideas

Kitchen coverings made from paper bags have several advantages: firstly, they are cheap, secondly, they are very easy to make – you just need to cut out a square of the required size, thirdly, they do not need from being washed – you can simply replace them with the new ones, fourthly, they look great no matter what type of paper you have – classic craft or patterned.

Refrigerator odor absorber

paper bag creation ideas

If you have a paper bag, the DIY ideas can be very different. For example, here is a practical one: paper is an excellent odor absorber. If the unpleasant smell persists even after washing the refrigerator, crumple a few bags, place them on the shelves and in the vegetable drawer and leave them overnight, and throw them away in the morning – the stench will go into the trash with with the sheets.

Seed pots

paper bag diy ideas

Paper decomposes well in the soil, so it’s a great idea to make seedling pots out of it, as you can bury the seedlings directly in the garden bed with it. Collect the paper bags you have left after your shopping, tear them up, soak them in water and form small cups from the resulting mass. Once dried, you will have a practical and ecological pot to germinate the seeds.

Book cover

Do you prefer paper books to e-books? Are you going to pass them on through inheritance or simply want to keep them in the best conditions? Make them a paper bag protector – it’s a lot easier than it looks.

Fruit storage

gift ideas with paper bags

Did you know that fruits ripen under the influence of ethylene, which they produce themselves? If you need bananas, apricots, peaches or plums to become sweet faster, put them in a paper bag so that this gas does not instantly dissipate into the air, and at the same time the packaging “breathes”, letting oxygen pass through. .

DIY envelope

paper bag organization ideas

Do you urgently need an envelope to send a letter or to drop off some bills that you are going to give to the birthday person? There is no need to think about what else to add to the cart before the order minimum for it to be delivered to you from the store – use these instructions and make the envelope yourself from a plastic bag paper.

Parcel organizer

kraft paper bag

kraft paper bag

A paper bag makes a great organizer for regular cellophane bags: you can make it in literally a minute.

Hanging organizer

paper bag decoration

paper bag decoration

The first tip decluttering experts give to those with limited storage space is to make the most of vertical space. It turns out that you don’t need to buy special hanging storage systems for this: it’s very simple to make one from a paper bag.

Storage basket

paper bag packaging ideas

paper bag packaging ideas

You can also use a paper bag to make a pretty craft basket in minutes: it’s perfect for storing and moving something light, like paper towels or cleaning wipes.

Source: The Voice Mag

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