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Unexplained knee pain may be caused by the hip; understand

The orthopedist points out that the pain can appear in the hip without us realizing it, and radiate to the knee, causing a lot of discomfort.

Have you ever felt discomfort in your knee without finding the cause? Experts warn that the problem could be related to the hip. This is because the nerves running through the area can “short-circuit” due to inflammation, affecting the muscles and skin sensitivity in the region under the hip.

According to orthopedist and hip specialist, Dr. David Gusmão, pain radiating from the hip can affect the muscles and skin under the hip. The consequence is also discomfort in the knee. “This phenomenon, known as referred pain, can confuse patients and healthcare providers, leading to misdiagnosis and inadequate treatment,” says Gusmão.

David emphasizes the importance of considering the hip as a possible source of discomfort. “Patients often report pain in the knee, but after careful evaluation we discover that the problem is in the hip,” explains Dr. Gusmão.

Warning signs

Furthermore, the professional emphasizes that it is essential to know the symptoms correctly. Some signs include pain in the groin, difficulty performing movements such as getting up from a chair or climbing stairs, and feeling stiff in the hips when walking or after prolonged periods of inactivity.


He also shares tips for preventing and relieving hip and knee discomfort. “Maintaining a healthy weight, practicing muscle-strengthening exercises such as Pilates or physical therapy, and adopting correct postures when sitting and lifting heavy objects can help reduce the risk of hip and knee problems,” adds the orthopedist .

What to do in case of pain

Importantly, early diagnosis and appropriate treatment are essential to avoid complications and improve quality of life.

Therefore, if you experience knee discomfort without an apparent cause, do not hesitate to discuss the possibility of hip involvement with your doctor or orthopedist. Always remember to report all symptoms and follow the guidelines for effective treatment and complete recovery.

Source: Terra

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