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Premature baby: what care is necessary during this period?

Not only does the baby suffer when he comes into the world prematurely, but the parents go through nights of worries, anxiety and fears and need support; to know more

When a woman becomes pregnant, she hopes that the 9 months will pass so she can finally see her baby’s face. At all times, ensure that your child has the necessary health during the time he is in the mother’s womb. However, a premature baby arrives. What to do right now? The neuropsychologist Leninha Wagner answers some questions and gives some advice:

The premature baby

Second World Health Organization, there are different levels of prematurity, ranging from 28 weeks – extremely premature – to 37 weeks, considered moderate to late premature. However, in all cases, it is as if the baby is born with clothes much larger than his size, being very delicate and fragile. “The skin is gathered in small, delicate folds and creases, giving the face an elderly appearance. A fine down covers the red and small face. Eyes closed, very still, sometimes shaking the arms and legs with uncoordinated movements”to describe.

During this period of life, breathing is irregular, shallow and very rapid, and crying does not become loud even when hungry. When you feed him, he often ends up vomiting, since the sucking and swallowing reflexes are barely manifest, making the use of the tube necessary. The fragility is such that infections become the greatest danger. «This is a risk that all newborns face, but it is much more serious for premature newborns whose defenses are much less effective. Every care must therefore be taken to avoid exposing them to contagion with other children who could be carriers of a simple cold. , or very close contact with adults, also pose a risk.”account.

The parents

Often the child cannot be brought into the comfort of the parents’ home. These, in turn, must postpone their dream in the much dreamed and prepared bedroom and leave the child in it CTI from the hospital. And, according to Dr. Leninha, this is when the frustration begins. “Parents are invaded by the uncertainty that their child will not be able to overcome the critical period of hospitalization and will be able to receive affection, a womb, be able to be breastfed by the person who gave birth to him”relationships.

The family’s emotional health suffers, as the routine becomes exhausting; shorter nights of sleep, due to fear, anxiety and, often, even the onset of depression. In these moments it is necessary to humanize hospitals so that parents are treated as a fundamental presence and not as visitors. “The ‘Cangaroo Care’ has proven its effectiveness. Regular contact with the mother brings a significant improvement for the baby and for her, who can have the baby in direct contact with her body. It neutralizes the negative effects of prematurity, under the stressful stimuli of the hospital environment”explains.

The cure

Even after the child returns home, the precautions do not stop and continue for years. As a result, parents’ mental health is also affected. Therefore, there are some laws that protect them, such as Zero separation (father and mother are not visitors to the hospital), the Maternity leave and pay (up to 180 days), the Leave for breastfeeding (6 months) and the Paternity leave (5 to 20 days).

As well as places that offer support like LIVE and SMILE group and the NGO on prematurity. In places like these, parents of premature babies will find help groups, legal assistance through laws that guarantee their rights and people who have gone through the same experience, as well as professionals who will help with this stage of life.

“All human pain comes from dealing with emotions of challenging contours and volumes, but all human progress and evolution within the life cycle originates from the very confrontation of these phases, as long as we have support and understanding available. You, the mother and father of a premature baby, who needs psychological and emotional help, as well as the support of the law to guarantee your rights, seek more information and find the comfort of feeling you have the same right to protection as your premature baby”ends.

Source: Terra

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