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Exchange without mysteries: Mih Tanino gives advice for the trip of your dreams

Participating in an exchange is a dream that seems distant for many of us, right? However, with planning and determination, it can become a reality. Influencer Mih Tanino spent 10 months in Arizona and shared very important advice for anyone who wants to embark on this journey.

First, Mih stressed that one should learn at least the basics of English – or the language of the country one wants to go to – to facilitate the adaptation process. “I simply had the courage and desire to learn the language. I left my comfort zone, my bubble and faced the exchange,” she said.

Furthermore, he also stressed that it is important to study the culture of the place and not compare your exchange with that of other people, especially bloggers. “Sometimes we compare our exchange with other people’s, but every exchange is unique. Before going, I watched many videos of people in the exchange, but mine was completely different. So, open your mind. You also have to be open to new customs, to a new culture, to the climate, to the cuisine, everything is very different”, he underlined.

In Arizona, Mih entered the fray and honed her skills by studying theater, dance, singing and was a cheerleader in high school. “In my exchange I won’t say that everything was perfect, but for me it was very important. It was a very important phase of my life, which means a lot to me, in which I evolved a lot and I matured a lot,” he said. remembered.

So, come in and enjoy this phase! “It’s not easy, but the experience and the result are wonderful. Allow yourself to try new things and, little by little, adaptation and learning will happen,” concludes the influencer, inspiring others to follow in the footsteps of he.

Source: Terra

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