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Perform Moon in Libra rituals to have more stability in your relationship

This lunar moment is linked to the balance of feelings. Get to know the Moon in Libra to have more stability in your relationship

The Moon in Libra brings a sentimentality that influences the depth and strength of connections within a relationship. Therefore, this astrological moment vibrates in favor of balance, with stable partnerships committed to love. Therefore, we have selected the Moon in Libra rituals to have greater stability in the relationship. Come and take a look!

Moon in Libra rituals to have more stability in your relationship

To keep arguments away

First of all, buy a half-meter blue ribbon. Then, using a permanent marker, write your loved one’s full name on the tape. Then wrap the ribbon, making three knots. As you wind it, repeat: “Just as I have this ribbon in my hands, so I will also have the will, ideas, desires and heart of (say his name), so that he never fights with me.” Finally, to have more stability in your relationship, keep the tape in a drawer.

Joys in love

First, place a white rose in a glass cup and add water. Subsequently, to have more stability in the relationship, add a little sugar and four drops of lavender essence. Now add this ritual to two liters of warm water. Take your hygienic bath and then pour the mixture over your body, from the neck down. Finally, the remaining petals should be buried in a garden near your home.

Better relationship in the bedroom

First, place a garnet stone in the couple’s underwear drawer. So, on Friday, a day ruled by the Goddess Venus, at 6pm or 6am, light a red candle to represent passion. As you light the candle, imagine more stability in the relationship and paths opening up in intimacy.

Source: Terra

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