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Autumn/Winter 24: 5 trendy print colors this season

Green, brown, cream, pink and black are the shades that are in fashion in the autumn/winter 2024 season

Anyone who thinks that winter is only suitable for simple clothes and more neutral colors is wrong. Like every year, trends change, bringing great transformations to the world of fashion.

Every season new fabrics, patterns and pieces appear, as well as the color palette, which is the one that best adapts to the updates of the fashion season, especially when it comes to prints.

More classic prints feature a more classic color scheme, with black and white backgrounds and more colorful tones in the designs. This year, the highlight of the season will be the unusual background colors.

With this in mind, Fabio Yukio, founder and creative director of Armory, has indicated which tones will be the backdrop to the prints of this autumn/winter 2024 season. Find out below:


Green is a trends which ended up dominating autumn/winter 24, especially moss green, which dominated the hearts of fashionistas. The flower-printed fabrics, with the background color, create a super pattern. declaration. Choose trouser sets with a shirt or long, loose dresses to create unique looks.


Brown print –

Present inside dress among the most influential women in the world, brown is the new black of the season. The tone can serve as a background for prints in non-obvious colors, ranging from blue, green and pink. As the paisley – which will be the great success of the season -, but which will be presented in an updated way, in an ever-changing mix. The combination of this mix of tones with brown favors Humor absolutely unique, especially if applied on shirts, trousers and coats oversized.


Cream colored print –

Also present in many monochromatic looks, white o cream has been the choice of numerous international designers. Since it’s a wild color, it’s easy to pair it with other items in your wardrobe. It appears as an alternative to the white background, allowing you to create colorful prints as a highlight of the look.


Pink print –

Even happier colors like pink can appear as a basis for prints. Whether rosé or a brighter pink, the pieces create the dress alone. Prints can follow shades of pink or even complementary colors, such as green, blue and yellow. Here the idea is to create hyper-feminine productions, with an elegant and cool touch.


Black print –

This season the classic black could not be missing, which can be considered one of the most versatile colors! Just like cream, it is very easy to combine it with other shades, especially red, blue and green, creating even more statement designs. Both through fabrics with full patterns or prints in the details of the garment, this combination takes any look away from the basics.

Source: Terra

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