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Expired makeup: find out why not to use it and how to recognize the signs

Some cosmetics can go bad even before their expiration date; Find out how to know if your makeup is already ruined

Use expired makeup it is a practice that, despite being very common, can cause serious problems. This is because the preservatives in products, which keep fungi and bacteria away, stop having an effect over time, which can lead to infections and skin irritation.

“In addition to the health risks, old makeup may not work as well. Colors may become less vibrant and application may become patchy, leaving makeup looking less attractive,” adds Yara Casta, founder of Studio de Beleza Yara Castanha.

However, even when the makeup is still expired, it may no longer be suitable for use. After all, depending on the conditions in which it was stored or other factors, its shelf life will be significantly shortened. But How do you know if your makeup is already bad before your appointment?

Signs that your makeup has gone bad

There are some signs that can indicate if your makeup is no longer usable, even before its expiration date. Are they:

  • Odor: According to Yara, this is the easiest way to know when your makeup is no longer good. These products have a specific odor and any changes could indicate a problem.
  • Consistency change: if a lipstick becomes soft or even too hard, for example. Janine Bittencourt, partner of Souvie Orgânicos, reminds us, however, that small changes in consistency can also occur with temperature. “A foundation that has a firm consistency in a cold country becomes softer in the beauty case when we go to a beach resort,” she says. So, be careful if this is not the case before throwing it away.
  • Color change: Yara explains that if a blush or eyeshadow is lighter or has changed shade, this is a sign that it is not suitable for use.

Also, if you see signs of mold on your makeup or if it starts to give you allergies or irritation, while you were previously using the product normally, it’s time to say goodbye to it.

Can he be saved?

Many people think that it might be a good idea to simply remove the part of makeup that seems damaged or try some trick to “save” it. However, the best thing is to buy a new one.

“It is not advisable to try to store an expired product, especially those that come into contact with mucous membranes, such as lipsticks and eye makeup. The consequences can cause swelling, inflammation and even infections,” comments Janine.

Choose long-lasting makeup!

Since you can’t use makeup after it expires or shows signs of deterioration, the question remains: how to choose makeup that lasts longer? And, in this sense, the founder of Studio de Beleza Yara Castanha gives some advice.

“Opt for products with tightly closed and, preferably, opaque packaging, to protect them from the sun and air. Also, choose reliable brands that use good preservatives (without overdoing the chemistry, of course!),” he advises. Finally, the expert recommends multifunctional products, which tend to be used faster and, therefore, will be more difficult to ruin.

Source: Terra

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