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Maya Massafera in Cannes: the influencer chooses a designer dress for the first public appearance after the transition and the web reacts: ‘Where is your voice?’

Maya Massafera posed in a purple Valentino dress while attending the 2024 Cannes Film Festival and looked stunning in photos on social media. I wait!

Maya Massafera It’s gorgeous and there’s no one who can say otherwise! The influencer, who crossed a gender transition recentlyHe is coming give something to talk about on social media with your thinness and, once again, it became a topic of discussion when it appeared at the festival of Cannes 2024.

The traditional film festival, which also had its presence this year Bruna Biancardi, was the stage for the beautiful photos published by Maya on social media. Wear a designer dress Valentine all purple, the influencer carefully chosen by luxury brands she paired the piece with long gloves and got everyone on the web talking.

Maya, despite her bold fashion choice, ended up dividing opinions on social media. Among the comments on the beauty of her dress, what caught her attention the most were comments from Internet users asking to hear her voice, which hasn’t been shown yet since he went through the transition.

Where is your voice, Miriam?“, asked one follower. “This lady, the cat got her tongue?????”, another commented. “Wow woman… open your mouth, I think it’s the AI ​​now,” joked a third. Look at the photo in the gallery of this article!

Discover the reason for Maya Massafera’s silence

No, Maya Massafera is not mute! During her gender transition process, the The influencer underwent vocal feminization surgery and the reason for his silence concerns negotiations with three major streaming platforms.

According to columnist Leo Dias, Massafera documented his entire gender transition process and his strong commitment…

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