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160 IQ, housewife and single mother: does this remind you of anything? American HPI presents its trailer!

A single mother with three children to support and a special and whimsical mind help solve an unsolved crime. He is hired as a consultant to work with an experienced detective, his complete opposite.

Feeling déjà vu? Yes, absolutely: it’s an American adaptation of our French HPI called High Potential (“Haut Potentiel”). Created by Drew Goddard (Buffy, Lost, The Cabin in the Woods), the adaptation is being written and produced by Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars) for ABC, and now it has revealed its first trailer…

New Morgan(e) and Karadec

The remake takes its roots HPI And follows Morgan (without the ‘e’ at the end), played here by Kaitlin Olson (Philadelphia), a woman with an exceptional IQ and mother of three who forms a team both incredible and unstoppable with Commander Karadetz, played by Danielle Sunjata (Grey’s Anatomy , The Devil Wears Prada, Echo). Rounding out the cast are Javicia Leslie (Batwoman), Judy Reiss (Scrubs, Devious Maids) and Denise Akdeniz (Flight Attendant).

And no, not Jessica Chastain or Steve Carell, as wanted by Mehdi Nebibu, who was equally proud of the announcement of the American remake. In March 2023, he actually told us that he was “honored himHowever, he did not know the actors.

We dreamed of Jessica Chastain and Steve Carell– he started laughing. “I don’t know these actors, I haven’t seen them in other movies or series, so I don’t really have an opinion. But of course, we are very honored that the Americans are adapting our series. “

He continued: “I was wondering who was going to write this American adaptation, and we’re very flattered anyway, because he’s one of the writers of Lost. I wonder what that will do.

“A little too beautiful”

Audrey Fleuro also responded to the show’s announcement in 2023 at the 25th edition of the La Rochelle Arts Festival, of which she was president.

I’m very interested, but I haven’t seen anything yet“, he explained. “My producers saw it. I believe that overall, there is a bit of an equalization because they don’t allow themselves what we allow ourselves. I think the art direction has added value because they’ve pulled out all the stops financially, so image-wise it’s updated.”

But he didn’t think so HPI Required “great facilities“and”Crazy decorations“and admitted that he was not convinced by his American counterpart, Caitlin OlsonWell known to fans Philadelphiafind it”A little too beautiful” : “I find that everything is a little too fancy when you need something cheesy at some point. Rimmel should come in a little bit, otherwise we are somewhere else, we are in Hollywood. But once again I couldn’t see anything.”

But Audrey Fleur He still admitted that he was happy to see the series adapted around the world, although only one version would interest him: “I think if any country can make a great version, it would be English. They could have done something crazier. I would be interested there.“Word to the wise, hello!

While you wait to discover this American version this fall, the first episode of HPI season 4, the original, our, the real one, can be seen right now on the TF1+ platform.

You can watch the first 3 seasons again streaming on TF1+ and Disney+.

Source: Allocine

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