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The 10 most watched films of the week (18/05/2024)

Fanfic turned book and then film, the novel An Idea of ​​You dominates streaming platforms this week

In a week that is still a little tepid with new features, the list of the most watched films does not feature any major previews that will maintain spectators’ enthusiasm. We thus witness a repetition of already known names, highlighting a game of musical chairs with some successful titles losing momentum, while others reach their peak.

An example of this is the novel An idea of ​​you passed Dune: part 2 and even Oppenheimerproving that not even an atomic bomb or a giant worm are capable of containing sugary stories streaming and even less a woman’s fantasy of living a great, unlikely love story.

An Idea of ​​You is a fanfic that became a best-selling book and now a streaming phenomenon (Image: Playback/Amazon Studios)

This is because the film with Anne Hathaway, which arrived on Prime Video breaking all records when you adapt a book that is nothing more than a fan fiction. Author Robinne Lee imagined the story of an older woman who has an affair with a teen idol clearly inspired by Harry Styles and, with that, created a best-selling phenomenon that also became a hit on screen.

Remembering that these are just a few highlights of the week. Discover the other most watched films of the week based on searches carried out on JustWatch.

Dune: Part 2 is still on the rise (Image: Disclosure/Warner Bros)

10. Perfect days


Perfect days showing the quiet life of a man who loves cleaning public toilets in a small town in Japan It seems absurd, but it’s the way in which German director Wim Wenders shows how it is possible to find beauty even in the most banal things in life.

The film revolves around Hirayama (Koji Yakusho), a middle-aged man who works at a cleaning company in Japan, working in portable toilets around the city. And it is with the arrival of his niece in the city that he will show young people how the sublime hides even in the most unlikely things.

Perfect days is available on Mubi and for purchase and rental on iTunes.

9. Area of ​​interest


Area of ​​interest It’s one of the best films of last year and one of those productions that remains impactful no matter how many times you see it. After all, it deals with Nazism from a perspective little represented in cinema, showing the daily lives of those who lived under the regime and normalizing all that nonsense.

Addressing the banality of evil, it tells the story of Rudolf Höss, the Nazi officer who commanded the Auschwitz concentration camp, and how, despite the horror that lay on the other side of the wall, he and his family continued with a seemingly perfect and peaceful life. .

And the strength of the film lies precisely in showing the daily life of this family, so ordinary and banal, in the face of the horrors that were happening right next door. And all this from a real case.

Area of ​​Interest is available on Prime Video.

8. The secrets of a scandal


The secrets of a scandal AND Based on a true story a bit problematic – and that’s what the plot is based on. Hero Juliana Moore AND Natalie Portmanthe plot revives the story of a teacher who becomes involved with an underage student and who, despite the time spent in prison for it, end up together.

However, the appearance of an actress who wants to bring the case to the cinema makes the couple reevaluate their condition and understand how problematic the relationship is and how much they have given up everything to be together.

The secrets of a scandal is available on Prime Video and for purchase and rental on iTunes and Google Play.

7. Past lives


Past lives It’s one of those movies made to make you cry and crush your feelings as you consider all the directions in your life. After all, more than being a great love story, the film deals with the paths we abandon throughout life and how we would be very different people if one thing or another had changed.

Director Celine Song’s debut title tells the story of Nora and Hae Sung, two friends who grew up together in South Korea, but who haven’t seen each other for 20 years. And, after a long time, they meet again and begin to question and face the rumors about their lives and what they could have been if they had followed different paths.

Past lives is available on Telecine and for purchase and rental on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

6. Consistency


Launched in 2013, Consistency it had already had a sudden spike in interest in the middle of last year and, without much explanation, was back in the public’s searches and marathons. And that’s good, because it’s excellent science fiction that deserves to be seen.

The story revolves around the passage of a comet and how it affects a group of friends. Astronomy enthusiasts, they gather to view the event, but begin to encounter questions that are beyond everyone’s understanding.

As the comet gets closer, everyone’s behavior begins to become strange, at the same time other strange things begin to happen to all the guests and the mystery only increases as the very notion of reality begins to be put into question. discussion. One science fiction blow heads off.

Consistency is available on Prime Video and for purchase and rental on Google Play and iTunes.

5. Anatomy of a fall


Anatomy of a fall is the big winner of the Oscar for best original screenplay and mixes the jury film with a dramatic thriller based on a very particular case: the death of a man in an isolated chalet in the middle of the mountains. With only his family around, his wife becomes the prime suspect in the crime.

And it is from here that the work, one of the most interesting texts of the year, unfolds. The protagonist played Sandra Hüller (Area of ​​interest) begins to be judged from a very partial perspective in which the important thing seems to be not the crime itself, but the jurors’ perception of it – in a speech that says much more about society than the murder in question.

Anatomy of a fall is available on Prime Video.

4. Poor creatures


The film won four Oscars, including best actress Emma Stone —, Poor creatures It shines brightly with its originality as it tells the story of a woman who is brought back to life, but now takes the brain of a child with her.

For this reason he needs to learn both basic functions, such as walking, sitting and talking, as well as social skills. It is from this point that the film makes a good criticism of society and the way it limits women’s lives and questions various social rules, showing how not everything we consider natural is as logical as we believe.

Poor creatures is available on Star+.

3. Oppenheimer


The big winner of the 2024 Oscar for Best Film, Oppenheimer remains very popular in streaming. The film directed by Christopher Nolan (The origin) tells the story of J. Robert Oppenheimerthe father of the atomic bomb, focusing on his vanity as leader of the Manhattan Project and his fears about the impacts this could bring.

At the same time, the film delves into the personal controversies of this important 20th century figure, from his romantic affairs and betrayals to the political conflict that followed the war, Nolan tells a story that goes far beyond how the bomb was created. – and all this with an impressive performance from Cilian Murphy (Peaky Blinders) in the lead role.

Oppenheimer is available on Prime Video and for purchase and rental on iTunes and Globo Play.

2. Dune: part 2


Dune: part 2 no introduction required. The most watched film of 2024 in theaters around the world continues the story of Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) on his journey of revenge in one of the greatest science fiction epics of all time. And the important point is that, unlike other famous stories, Denis Villeneuve’s film has an uncertainty in the protagonist that makes everything much more interesting.

Dune: part 2 is available for purchase and rental on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.

1. An impression of you


An idea of ​​you it’s one of those films whose initial proposition is so incredible that it really deserves to hit the screens. The film starring Anne Hathaway is based on the book of the same name, created as a fanfic. Author Robinne Lee was inspired by singer Harry Styles and imagined a story in which an older woman falls in love with the lead singer of a teenage band.

It is with this crazy premise that the film became a great success, proving that there is no age for love or dreams. And it’s proof that romantic comedies still thrive on streaming.

An idea of ​​you is available on Prime Video.

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