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MASP will pay homage to Taylor Swift and Pink Floyd by candlelight

In a series of shows in Sao Paulo, the string quartet will perform compositions by Vivaldi and a tribute to Frank Sinatra

Candlelight is a concert series that brings together pop and classical music in performances lit by thousands of candles, usually in iconic spaces across the city. The project was born in New York, Paris AND Madrid in 2019 and spread throughout the world. Since its arrival in Brazil at the end of 2020, hundreds of presentations have taken place in iconic locations in São Paulo: in the Crypt of the Sé Cathedral, in the Galeria do Rock, in the Ibirapuera Auditorium, in the Theatro São Pedro and in the Sala São Paulo.

The Crypt of the Sé Cathedral has received hundreds of candles, which are actually LEDs

Now it’s the auditorium’s turn MASP stay by candlelight to receive a varied musical program. Between the end of May and June, the Candlelight will bring the String Quartet – Monte Cristo to perform from the classical composition Four Seasons from Vivaldi to tributes to contemporary artists Taylor Swift, Pink Floyd and Frank Sinatra. Two presentations will be held every day, one at 6pm and the other at 8pm, always lasting one hour each.

The Taylor Swift tribute, which will take place on May 25 (Saturday), is already sold out. But there is still availability for The Best of Frank Sinatra on May 26 (Sunday), Pink Floyd Tribute on June 8 (Saturday) and Vivaldi, The Four Seasons on June 21 (Friday). Tickets start at R$130 for the full ticket and R$65 for the half. Children aged eight and over are welcome, while those under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Other concerts

OR Candlelight there will be other concerts taking place in other spaces St. Paul. Candlelight Ballet: The Best of Tchaikovsky combines, as the name suggests, Tchaikovsky’s compositions with ballet: some choreography by Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty AND The Nutcracker. Also scheduled are tributes to Queen, Coldplay, Bruno Mars, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. See the full calendar here.

Presentations of the ballet performances have already taken place at the Theatro José de Alencar in Fortaleza

Source: Terra

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