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How does psyllium help you lose weight? Nutritionists comment

To achieve this goal, a balanced consumption of this fiber is sufficient

In short, psyllium is a soluble dietary fiber and is also derived from the seeds of Plantago ovata or Psyllium plantago. A detail that is still used to relieve the symptoms of mild diarrhea and constipation. Despite offering numerous benefits, its consumption is still surrounded by doubts, for example: how does psyllium help you lose weight?

Find out how psyllium helps you lose weight

“It can help you lose weight by increasing satiety. The greater the satiety, the less hunger, the smaller the amount of food and the fewer calories per day. So, basically, it helps with calorie restriction due to satiety. It is a great strategy,” he replied. in an exclusive interview with Sport Life a the nutritionist Flávia Gregorini.

In this way we understand that psyllium acts as a precious ally in weight loss programs, i.e. its ability to promote satiety and regulate appetite is fundamental.

“Furthermore, by improving intestinal regularity, psyllium optimizes nutrient absorption, which contributes to a balanced diet, essential for maintaining a healthy weight,” added the nutritionist Vanessa Costa in dialogue with the relationship.

Warning about psyllium consumption

Like any other substance, before starting to consume psyllium it is advisable to consult a specialized professional. An important message for those living with intestinal hypersensitivity and chronic constipation.

“It is also necessary to always use water with good consumption. For these and other precautions, it is always advisable to start this process after a medical or nutritional consultation”, advises Flávia.

Can people living with anxiety take psyllium?

“It can. Even by helping to reduce the feeling of satiety, it can help reduce the act of impulsive eating which, in many patients, is common in moments of greatest anxiety”, concluded Flávia Gregorini.

Another contribution is that this fiber can also influence the regulation of blood sugar levels, which simply denotes its capacity for emotional stability.

“Improved gut health is linked to improved brain function, which can positively influence emotional balance. However, it is always prudent to discuss the inclusion of any food with a healthcare professional,” concluded Vanessa Costa.

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