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Canceled flight: what to do and what your rights are

The ANAC determines a series of measures depending on the time and type of delay

It is an experience that is among the worst unexpected events of a trip: when you least expect it, the airline warns you that the the flight has been cancelled . Or, in an equally inconvenient situation, the flight actually leaves, but is delayed so long that you end up running out lose connection.

A cancellation can occur for a variety of reasons, often due to force majeure, e.g Weather conditions which prevent flight at that moment. Even technical maintenance problems of the aircraft or, in rarer situations, the lack of personnel to make up the crew, can lead to changes of this type.

Be it seasoned travelers or those just venturing into tourism, flight cancellations are a huge problem that tends to catch everyone by surprise. Therefore, it is essential know the Your rights and how to deal with this situation.

What are the airline’s obligations in the event of a canceled flight?

The rule that regulates these cases is resolution 400 of the National Agency for Civil Aviation (Anac), issued in 2016, which establishes that the changes envisaged by the airline must be communicated with a minimum notice of 72 hours to passengers.

The company is obliged to offer rehousing and reimbursement alternatives if the cancellation notice is given within less than 72 hours, or if the change in departure and arrival times is greater than certain limits – 30 minutes on national flights and 1 hour on international flights – compared to the original flight.

It is important to remember that the cancellation rules also apply in situations where you he had to stop travelling due to a change made by the airline, in addition to cases of delay. In the latter scenario, it’s worth it 4 hour limit in relation to the time originally scheduled to reach the final destination.

Who should I look for in case of a canceled flight?

If you are already at the airport, go to the airline counter first and inform them of the situation, together with your boarding pass.

If the cancellation occurred outside of the Anac rules, the company will have to provide not only alternatives for resettlement and reimbursement, but also alternative ways to allow passengers to complete their journey.

If the company’s customer service does not provide a satisfactory alternative, look for a Anac tax and discover your options.

There’s no one-size-fits-all scenario here, and advice varies depending on the outcome of your trip: whether you’re halfway through your trip and still have to get somewhere, or whether you end up having to give up due to cancellation or delay .

What documents do I need to have to guarantee my rights?

Always have the boarding passes , both for the canceled flight and for the flight on which you were relocated (if this has already happened). Also keep the email confirming your ticket purchase, with the time originally scheduled for your trip.

Even if the airline is able to reassign you to another flight to complete your trip, you can still have right to compensation . The amount varies, and does not only refer to the cancellation itself, and may increase if the delay causes moral or material damage, loss of reservation or unexpected expenses.

In this case, keep receipts for additional expenses caused by the cancellation, as well as proof of missed stays or events on dates when you were not where you intended – and seek legal advice from experts in disputes with local companies for the conduct of a trial.

Do you need to continue your journey? A brief guide to the options

If your flight has been canceled and you wish to continue to your destination, your rights include one of these options, which may vary depending on your choice and availability of seats on your flights:

  • Full refund of the ticket, including the boarding tax. In this case, you have to find – and pay for – an alternative to reach your destination on your own.
  • Reaccommodation on another flight of the same company
  • Reaccommodation on flights of other airlines
  • Reschedule your flight to a new date and time, without paying extra

Source: Terra

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