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11 Things Professional Cleaners Never Do When Cleaning a Bathroom at Home

Do you want to have your own personal SPA paradise? Next, you need to know what mistakes when cleaning the bathroom prevent you from creating it.

We will tell you what professional cleaners do not recommend doing when cleaning the bathroom – their advice will simplify your cleaning task.

Wet the bath

“What you should not do when cleaning a bathroom is to wet the bathtub, shower tray, stall walls and sink before applying detergents. This way, you won’t dilute the products you use, so they can do their job,” says space coach Jessica Barclay.

Forget towel warmers

“Everyone thinks the dirtiest place in the bathroom is the toilet. But studies show that towel warmers outperform them when it comes to dust and bacteria. This happens because people forget to wipe them when cleaning, while toilets are rarely ignored,” says Janine McDonald, a professional cleaner.


Do not use a vacuum cleaner

“Many of our customers think it’s okay to avoid using a vacuum cleaner to clean the bathroom. Nothing like that – a lot of dust accumulates in this room, as well as hair and skin flakes. If you start wet cleaning immediately, you will end up spreading debris on the surfaces. To avoid this, always dust and vacuum before mopping,” advises Janine.

Do not do general cleaning

“For me, general cleaning of the bathroom takes three hours, but this is a special case: it all depends on the size of the room, its equipment and the “age” of the plumbing and coverings. But take your time: With a deep clean every two months, your weekly cleaning won’t take more than 30 minutes, and maybe as little as 10 minutes, says professional cleaner Sam Hancock.

Wash everything with one cloth

“What professional cleaners always avoid when cleaning a bathroom is using a single wipe for all surfaces: this approach will only lead to the spread of bacteria. Have different cloths or sponges for the toilet, bathtub, sink, mirror and cabinets — choose different colors so they don’t mix, recommends cleaning company owner Vicki Saynor.

professional and bathroom cleaners

Mixing chemicals

“One of the most dangerous and common mistakes when cleaning plumbing is mixing chemicals,” says Sam. – Never mix different commercial products, their ingredients could react and result in the release of toxic substances. Study the rules for using natural products: for example, vinegar should not interact with ammonia, and it also does not combine very well with Castile soap.

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Hurry up

“The secrets to professional bathroom cleaning are much simpler than you think. Do you know what I do to get all surfaces perfectly clean without spending a lot of time? I’m waiting. Apply the cleanser and let it sit for a few minutes rather than scrubbing immediately: the ingredients need time to work. If you read the label you’ll find that most products take a while to do their job,’ says TV presenter and author Lynsey Crombie, known as the neat queen.

Forget about maintaining order

“If you don’t want a layer of plaque to appear on the walls of the shower stall, buy a rubber scraper and use it to remove water from it every time after bathing – it will take less than a minute, but it will save you will have a lot of work later. Remember to ventilate the bathroom and don’t throw crumpled clothes or towels in. You can’t keep things tidy in. spending half an hour cleaning once a week: it needs to be done all the time,” says Lynsey.

Hide odors

“Professional cleaners in the bathroom try not to use products with strong and pungent aromas, and especially not to use air fresheners – because of them you can miss the appearance of unpleasant odors . To truly test cleanliness, use your own sense of smell: in a well-cleaned room, your nose won’t notice anything unusual,” says Jessica.

Don’t wash the shower curtain

“It’s another one of those tasks that everyone forgets about. You should wash your shower curtain at least four times a year, and more often if the room is poorly ventilated and the humidity is constantly high. Do you think it’s too much? Keep in mind that some people also wash the rings that the curtain hangs from,” says Sam.

bathroom cleaning mistakes

Clean only visible stains

“Most of my clients don’t understand this strange bathroom cleaning tip: clean what looks clean. Believe me, this is very important: you simply won’t see most germs and contaminants without special ultraviolet lamps. The wall near the toilet may look decent, but at the same time it can contain a large number of microorganisms due to the plume of the toilet. So don’t rely on your eyes, but follow the cleaning checklist and wipe down all surfaces on a schedule,” says Lynsey.

Source: The Voice Mag

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