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Coffee gives more energy to people with hectic routines

Found in coffee, caffeine affects metabolism, cardiac function and the release of neurotransmitters

For many people, especially women in their 30s, one of the biggest challenges is coping with everyday tasks. During this stage of life, it is normal for people to face several family needs at the same time as professional issues. And who has become one of your greatest allies in having more energy to manage everything and everyone? OR coffee!

Proof of this is a survey conducted in 2023 by the Brazilian Association of the Coffee Industry (ABIC), which showed that 61% of participants drink coffee to improve their mood and character. The study also highlighted that 29% of consumers drink more than six 50ml cups of coffee a day, while 46% drink between three and five. These values, according to the researchers, show that culturally, Brazilians already have a greater predisposition to consume high quantities of caffeine in their daily lives.

Benefits of coffee for more energy

Vanessa Costa, a nutritionist specializing in women’s health and creator of the Reset Method, explains that the caffeine present in coffee acts as an antagonist of the adenosine receptors in the central nervous system, blocking the relaxing effects, providing a significant increase in alertness and energy. Furthermore, it influences metabolism, cardiac function and the release of neurotransmitters. “Its physiological effects go far beyond a simple cup of coffee, influencing everything from metabolic process to cognitive performance,” she says.

A recent study by the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN), which investigated the benefits of coffee in training, suggests that the ideal dosage is two to four cups of coffee, consumed approximately 60 minutes before practicing any activity.

“It is important to underline that many women who feel overwhelmed by family and professional demands end up giving up due to tiredness when they do physical activity. It is at this moment that coffee comes into play as a great ally to give the necessary boost and ensure that the moment of self-care present in the routine”, says Vanessa.

Be careful not to overdo it

The nutritionist points out that, for each stage of life, there is an adequate amount of caffeine consumption, but this varies mainly based on the health status of each person.

“It is also worth underlining that, despite being a precious ally, specific studies on the ergogenic and recovery effects of coffee are still lacking in the literature”, explains the professional.

And he emphasizes: “Depending on the individual’s ability to absorb and metabolize caffeine, professional monitoring is necessary.”

Therefore, he says that the important thing is to maintain queries doctors are updating themselves and finding coffee is a way to encourage you to spend more moments focused on your physical and mental health.

Source: Terra

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