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10 bars and restaurants for great drinks in Sao Paulo

Take advantage of Drink Day to discover new drinks in the city, both in bars and restaurants with good drink menus

On May 18th National Cocktail Dayan event that invites us to appreciate and toast the art of cocktail preparation, a practice that dates back to ancient times and transcends cultural boundaries.

In São Paulo we have a variety of addresses that refer to other cultures, themes and, above all, those that offer classic cocktails. There are places that, with each passing day, create drinks and update their menus. Therefore, we chose 10 bars that offer the best of their options.

MII roof

This restaurant in the Vila Anália complex, whose decor is inspired by Mykonos, is worth visiting, especially for the signature drinks. Starting with the Barro Negro (R$ 39), a mix of 100% agave anejo tequila, passion fruit nectar, peanut falernum, Tahitian lime juice, activated charcoal and aquafaba. Another highlight is the SG Club (R$42), a combination of Bombay Sapphire gin with Ismênia, Umeshu Hakutsuru Genshu, Tahiti lime juice and tonic water. To finish, the house adds Sicilian zest and mint.

Where: Rua Cândido Lacerda, 33, Jardim Anália Franco. 2674-0843. Closes on Monday; Tuesday, 12:00/15:30 and 19:00/23:00; Wednesday and Thursday, 12:00/16:00 and 19:00/23:30; Friday 12:00/16:00 and 19:00/24:00; Sat., 12:00/00:00; Sunday, 12pm/10pm.

The imposing Barro Negro at MII Rooftop

Carnation Bar

The Portuguese-inspired bar located in the Paraíso neighborhood offers an extensive menu of signature cocktails by bartender Stephanie Marinkovic, as well as well-executed classics, such as the Fitzgerald (R$40) and the Bloody Mary (R$48). One of Stephanie’s 11 signature drinks is Canudos (R$46), which mixes vodka, yuzu liqueur, brut sparkling wine, melon sorbet and yuzu lemon.

Where: R. Osório Duque Estrada, 41, Paraíso. Monday and Tuesday from 6pm to midnight; Wednesday and Thursday from 6pm to 1am; Friday from 6pm to 2am; Saturday from 6pm to 2am. Closed on Sunday.


In the charming Astor bar you can find fresh draft beer and elaborate cocktails. There are classics, like the dry martini (R$45), with Tanqueray gin, dry vermouth and olives; the Negroni (R$45), made with Tanqueray gin, Campari and red vermouth; and the Manhattan (R$52), made with Bourbon whisky, red vermouth and Angostura bitters, is also always a great choice. Furthermore, the signature drinks are no exception: there is the cashew friends (R$47), composed of Ketel One vodka, lemon, cashew juice and cashew compote; The flowers (R$47), with aperol, light sherry, strawberry, verjus soda and saline solution; and the Citrus Blossom (R$47), made with Astor gin, rosemary orange syrup, citrus blend and bitters.

Where: R. Delfina, 163, Vila Madalena. 5555-2351. 12.00/00 (Mon 12.00/23.00; Thu 12.00/1.00; Fri and Sat 12.00/01.30).

Bar Astor's Cashew Friend


Down the stairs from the elegant Astor bar is SubAstor, hidden behind a velvet curtain in the basement. It is considered the 51st best bar in the world according to The World`s 50 Best Bars ranking. The public will be able to taste signature drinks, such as the Bijoux Caju (R$ 46), which contains gin, exclusive white Astor vermouth, Byzantino liqueur, fermented cashews, hops, orgeat, Falernum syrup and Tahitian lemon; the Breu Branco (R$55), with a dry and minty touch, with Bourbon Whiskey, Astor blanco vermouth, white rosin resin and artichoke bitters; and the Butiá Sour (R$46), with a velvety touch and surprising aroma, containing gin, Lillet, butiá, coconut syrup, citrus, egg white and pixuri.

Where: R. Delfina, 163, Vila Madalena. 94364-3170. 18:30/02:00 (Wednesday 18:00/00; Thursday 18:00/1:00; closed Monday and Tuesday).

Front bar

Installed on the balcony of the Italian restaurant Bosco, the house offers classic and signature cocktails signed by Alê D’Agostino and Junior Soares, inspired by the country of the boot. The menu includes the Ouro Italiano (R$44), with rum, jambu cachaça, Circollo Bianco vermouth, lychee syrup, orange bitters and puxuri powder, served over golden-hued ice.

Where: R. João Moura, 976, Pinheiros. 6pm/11pm (Saturday, 4pm/11pm; closed Monday and Tuesday).


Caledonia, a bar owned by Maurício Porto and Guilherme Valle, specializing in whiskey and cocktails, offers several drink options to celebrate May 18th as the date deserves. Among the highlights, a favorite among restaurant customers is the 7 Samurai (R$ 49), served in shoki, which combines Japanese grain whiskey, sake, Nib Pera and yuzu gin and yuzu lemon liqueur.

Where: Rua Vupabussu, 309, Pinheiros. 3031-0840. 18:00/24:00 (closes on Monday).

The 7 Samurai of Caledonia

Abaru by Priceless

Located in the center of Sao Paulo, with panoramic views, Abaru Por Priceless features a drink bar with signature drinks focusing on hinterland elements, such as rapadura and cashews. The recommendation is the Janhambu (R$44), prepared with traditional cachaça, jambu cachaça, sugar syrup, lemon juice, dry vermouth and egg white. Also worth mentioning is the Della Mimosa (R$42), the result of a combination of cachaça, dry vermouth, red vermouth, orange juice and sparkling wine.

Where: R. Costa Carvalho, 234, Pinheiros. 94398-3778. 12/15 and 19/24 (Saturday and Sunday 12/24; closed on Monday).


The French-inspired bar-bistro opened in January in Vila Buarque and bears the signature of barman Rafael Mariachi on its drinks menu. The kitchen is under the command of chef Dani Borges, also responsible for the Vietnamese restaurant Bia Hoi SP. Signature cocktails include The Old Man and the Sea (R$40), inspired by the work of Ernest Hemingway. The drink combines light rum, grapefruit, lemon, cumaru and maraschino liqueur. Also worth mentioning is the Edith Martini (R$40): vodka, red fruit mead, cherry liqueur and rose water.

Where: R. Rego Freitas, 516, Vila Buarque. 12/15 and 19/0 (Fri 12/15 and 19/1; Sat 13/1; Sun 13/21; closed Tuesday and last Sunday of the month).


Located on the ground floor of the Hotel Fasano São Paulo Jardins, Baretto is an option for those who want to enjoy an intimate and comfortable environment, attending performances by renowned artists that take place close to the audience. Furthermore, the menu offers the best of classic cocktails, such as the famous Cosmopolitan (R$66), prepared with Absolut, lemon, orange liqueur and cranberry juice, and the Dry Martini (R$66), which combines Beefeater Dry Gin and dry vermouth. in a surprising combination of flavors. Another option is the Negroni (R$68), which uses Beefeater Dry Gin, red vermouth and an Italian aperitif in its recipe.

Where: R. Vitório Fasano, 88 – Hotel Fasano, Jardim Paulista. 3896-4000. 7pm/3am.


Quincho is chef Mari Sciotti’s restaurant, which offers tasty and original vegetarian cuisine that uses quality ingredients from local suppliers. Among the drinks, the bet is the Oferenda (R$40), with tequila, sherry, artisanal raspberry syrup, fresh green lemon, single malt, spinach and jasmine.

Where: R. Mourato Coelho, 1140, Pinheiros. 2597-6048. 12/15.30 and 19/23 (Saturday 12/17 and 19/23; Sun 12/17).

Source: Terra

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