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The seven best coxinhas in Sao Paulo, according to the chefs

The chefs point out their favorite places to eat Brazilians’ favorite snack

Brazilians who are Brazilians know how to appreciate coxinha, the pride of the nation, very well. From children’s parties to the restaurant tables of renowned chefs such as Janaína Torres, the savory snack is present and is traditionally prepared with flour-based dough and stuffed with shredded chicken. However, there are many variations of the recipe, for example with catupiry, pastrami, prawns or vegetables.

To pay homage to this fried delight, we invited ten chefs to nominate their favorite coxinhas in São Paulo.

Chef consultation

  • Dani Borges, chef of the Vietnamese Bia Hoi SP and the French bar-bistro Edith
  • Daniel Ricardi, chef of Grotta Cucina
  • Fernando Oliveira, chef of Sancho Bar y Tapas
  • Gabriel Marques, chef at Nonna Rosa
  • Julia Tricate, champion of The Taste Brasil and chef of the De Segunda restaurant and the De Primeira bar
  • Marcos Paulo Santos, chef of La Braciera
  • Mario Rosso, chef of Osteria del Rosso and Rosso Burguer
  • Ney Alves, chef of Piccini Cucina
  • Tiago Luzardo, executive chef of Braca Bar
  • Tsuyoshi Murakami, chef of the Murakami restaurant

Le Blé

Marcos Paulo Santos, chef of La Braciera, highlights Le Blé’s coxinha, prepared with natural inputs, without industrialized broths. “I really like the presentation, because it comes with the thigh bone and the flavor. The dough is light and balanced, in my opinion one of the best in São Paulo”.

Chef Fernando Oliveira, of Sancho Bar y Tapas, agrees: “in my search for the perfect coxinha, I found Le Blé. It’s extremely crispy on the outside, breaded with panko flour, the filling is just right and the chicken is super juicy, it’s truly the best I’ve ever had.

The house chicken leg costs R$14 and the chicken with catupiry costs R$15.


R. Pará, 252, Higienópolis | R. Father João Manuel, 968, Jardins


Estadão Bar and Snack

It’s not just the ham snack at Bar e Lanches Estadão that is successful. The house coxinha is also the favorite of two chefs consulted. Gabriel Marques, chef at Nonna Rosa, considers it his favourite: “the pasta is perfect, it is not dry, not greasy, the chicken is well seasoned and moist” and underlines that the oxtail leg does not resemble the traditional one, being a very tasty savory snack, “it’s just perfect”.

The chef of the Osteria del Rosso and Rosso Burguer, Mario Rosso, also suggested this coxinha which for him is a São Paulo classic. “For years, sometimes in the early hours of the morning, I would go out just to eat coxinha. My favorite is the cream thigh.

Through IFood, chicken thighs cost R$7.80 and creamed thighs cost R$11.70.


Viaduto Nove de Julho, 193 – Center


Bar da Dona Onça

A traditional restaurant run by chef Janaína Torres, Bar da Dona Onça is located in one of SP’s most iconic buildings, Edifício Copan, and serves free-range chicken coxinha, a favorite of chef Dani Borges, Vietnamese restaurant Bia Hoi SP and bar – French bistro Edith.

“Dona Onça’s coxinha is always fresh, with a crispy crust and a moist filling, which I believe is essential in a coxinha,” declares the chef. The snack costs R$38.


Copan Building, Av. Ipiranga, 200 – Center



Although he doesn’t eat a lot of coxinha, chef Ney Alves, of Piccini Cucina, says he can’t resist Ofner’s savory dish. “The filling is extremely tasty, the dough is very velvety and crunchy on the outside. I think the recipe there is very well executed, made and cooked, I haven’t eaten a better one here in São Paulo.”

At IFood, the traditional coxinha costs R$14.90 and the chicken with catupiry costs R$15.90. You can also buy a frozen version of mini drumsticks to fry at home, available in the same flavours, both at R$69 for 460 and 450 gram packs, respectively.


Av. Ibirapuera, 2033 – Moema | Mooca Plaza Shopping, Rua Capitão Pacheco e Chaves, 313 – Vila Prudente | See other addresses on the site.


Souza corner

For Tiago Luzardo, executive chef of Braca Bar, “the perfect coxinha must be crunchy and dry on the outside and for this to happen you have to follow the recipe, weigh the ingredients, drink a good broth and wait for the dough. that comes away from the bottom of the pan during preparation. Taking all this into account, he says he found all these characteristics and care in the coxinha of Esquina do Souza, which, moreover, “is full of beautiful memories, of childhood and love”.

A six-piece portion of chicken thighs with cream cheese costs R$54. If you want to order a half portion, the cost is R$30.


Rua Carneiro da Silva, 185 – Vila Leopoldina | Rua Coronel Melo de Oliveira, 1066 – Pompeia



The traditional pastry shop in the Liberdade neighborhood was founded in 1996 and in addition to pastries, it offers various fried products, such as the much-loved coxinhas. Tsuyoshi Murakami, chef at Murakami Restaurant, believes that Yoka’s coxinha has “a harmonious quality between the two main elements, which results in a juicy coxinha.”

At Yoka, only the traditional coxinha is served, with shredded chicken and potato mixture. The unit costs R$12.50. Through IFood you can guarantee a portion with three mini coxinhas for R$10.


Rua dos Estudantes, 37 – Liberdade


Royal Bakery

Padaria Real chicken leg

For Daniel Ricardi, chef at Grotta Cucina, “nothing compares to the texture and flavor of the coxinha del Real”. Julia Tricate agrees: “It’s addictive.” A traditional bakery from Sorocaba, Real also has a shop in the capital São Paulo, in Pinheiros. This branch operates only with delivery and collection and offers several delicacies, including the famous coxinha.

The “famous Sorocaba coxinha,” as the bakery itself calls it, is filled with chicken with a “special seasoning” and also has the option of catupiry-flavored chicken. The restaurant offers a total of eighteen flavours, which rotate throughout the year in the so-called “coxinha of the month”, meaning that each month one or two different flavors are available alongside the classic ones.

Family recipe, the cost of a large coxinha (120 g), depending on the taste, varies from R$ 12.90 to R$ 16.20. Another option is the “micro coxinha”, or “popcorn” – Júlia Tricate’s favorite -, which costs R$43.95 with delivery only.


R. Mateus Grou, 282 – Pinheiros


Source: Terra

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