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Obesity during pregnancy: risks and complications

According to experts, excess weight can cause serious problems during pregnancy, with health risks for both mother and baby.

According to the Ministry of Health’s surveillance system, Vigitel, over the last decade Brazilians have recorded an alarming increase in excess weight, especially among women, reaching 62% of the Brazilian female population. Therefore, in addition to the already known health problems, overweight also becomes a concern when talking excess weight during pregnancyas it can cause serious problems for both the pregnant woman and the fetus, such as gestational diabetes and heart problems.

“The direct effects of obesity on children’s health can also have repercussions in adulthood, which is a great concern for future generations”, explains the nutritionist Elena Padua.

Risks of being overweight during pregnancy

A study conducted by Elaine highlighted the direct relationship between excess weight and problems during pregnancy. The research compared groups of pregnant teenagers and pregnant women over the age of 20, revealing significant differences that deserve attention.

The study showed that although there is a lower prevalence of obesity among adolescents, partly due to a faster metabolism and more active lifestyle habits, the complications associated with being overweight are not exclusive to any age group.

“Obesity during pregnancy is a doubly worrying condition. It not only affects the health of the mother, but can also predispose the child to future health problems”, underlines the nutritionist.

Pregnant women over the age of 20 had a higher rate of obesity. “Hormonal changes and a generally slower metabolism contribute to this higher incidence of overweight in adult women,” the professional points out.

Research highlights that food plays a crucial role in the concentration of adiponectin. Therefore, diets rich in saturated and trans fatty acids, simple sugars and red meat can be harmful, while a balanced and healthy diet can improve the levels of this hormone, with benefits for the pregnant woman and for the development of the fetus.

Elaine explains: “Levels of adiponectin, a hormone secreted by adipose tissue, are essential for maintaining metabolic balance. In pregnancy, adequate levels of this hormone are crucial, as a decline is associated with the development of insulin resistance and complications like gestational diabetes.” mellitus.”

Regarding fetal health, the study highlights that maternal obesity is related to the risk of the baby being born overweight, which can lead to neonatal complications and affect the baby’s health throughout his life.

In conclusion, the study highlights the importance of adequate nutritional monitoring during pregnancy, targeting not only the health of the mother, but also that of the child, highlighting that a preventive approach is essential to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a more promising future for pregnancy. women.

Source: Terra

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