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See the symptoms and treatments of multiple sclerosis

The neurologist explains this disease, which is a leading cause of non-traumatic disabilities in young adults

Multiple sclerosis, a chronic, degenerative and autoimmune neurological disease, currently represents one of the main causes of non-traumatic disabilities in young adults. It has a higher incidence between the ages of 18 and 40, the productive phase, and affects women three times more than men. According to the World Health Organization there are 2.8 million cases worldwide. In Brazil it is estimated that the disease affects 15 to 27 individuals per 100,000 inhabitants.

Therefore, experts warn that early diagnosis, combined with detailed medical monitoring, is the key to the stabilization and quality of life of sufferers. “The treatment aims to contain epidemics, the main evolution of sclerosis. By stopping the accumulation of this progression, we allow the routine normalization of the patient”, explains Dr. Karoline Cohen, neurologist at the Diagnostic Medicine Center of the São Hospital Luiz Campinas, from Rede Dolore.

Multiple sclerosis diagnosis

The doctor explains that the diagnosis of illness It is carried out by a neurologist, through a clinical evaluation and tests such as MRI of the skull, spine and laboratory analyses. “In initial epidemics, the disease presents symptoms that last days or weeks, progressing to spontaneous improvement. After some time, recovery becomes slower and more partial, leading to increasingly disabling consequences,” warns Dr. Karoline Cohen.

Symptoms of multiple sclerosis

Symptoms of multiple sclerosis include loss of strength, tenderness in one part of the body, decreased vision associated with pain and urinary incontinence. Another problem, if left untreated, is loss of mobility, which may be mild or require the use of a wheelchair. “This pathology is demyelinating, i.e. it acts by destroying myelin, the structure responsible for the passatelli synapses, weakening the neurological system”, adds the specialist.

Multiple sclerosis results from a combination of factors throughout life

Cause of multiple sclerosis

According to the neurologist, multiple sclerosis is multifactorial, that is, it is caused by a sum of factors to which the patient is exposed throughout his life. In addition to genetic predisposition, it is also linked to smoking, childhood obesity and some types of infections.

Treatment for multiple sclerosis

Although known for a long time, in recent years the illness has gained attention and, consequently, increasingly early and effective diagnosis and treatment. “Injectable, oral and infusion drugs are currently the therapies to combat the evolution of the condition, applied individually, always according to the severity and demand of each case”, concludes the doctor from the São Luiz Campinas Hospital.

By Samara Meni

Source: Terra

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