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Ex BBB Leidy loses patience and sends a ‘sincere’ message to Davi: ‘I would like…’

Former BBB Leidy Elin breaks her silence after the controversy and sends a message to Davi on social media

The former BBB Leidy Elin spoke about the outburst made on social media last Monday, 05/20. The celebrity responded to the criticism and sent a message to Davidhis rival in BBB 24.

“Yesterday I wrote on Twitter that black people can do no wrong, when I said this I was speaking in general. A girl made a comment talking about black women, that racism comes with machismo, and that’s what I said too.” , he began.

Subsequently, the transsexual denied having teased the reality champion. “People were already saying I teased Davi, since I’m talking about my pain as a black woman. Stop that. Big Brother is over”, he has declared.

Leidy sends a message

Leidy sent a message to Davi noting that she wishes him “all the best.” “I have already decided with him inside the house. Out here I wish him all the best, I wish him congratulations. So, stop creating things that don’t exist. I wish David the best.”said the former sister of the Globo program.

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