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44 years old and 20 action films: will this star of strong physique soon return to the cinema?

44 years old, muscles, long hair, messy beard, tattoos and jewelry, this is the face of eccentric Jason Momoa! The star of the Aquaman saga recently met with Vin Diesel in Fast X, who will play Dante Reiss, a memorable and downright badass villain.

He also appeared in The Flash, reprising his role as the aquatic superhero in the post-credits scene. Drunk, we see him fall miserably into a puddle. After this sequence, which left many fans worried, Jason Momoa is back in action with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which hits theaters in December 2023.

From Aquaman to Minecraft

After his DC adventures, the 1m93 Colossus surprised the public when he appeared in a hilarious sequence at the end of Fall Boy. Jason Momoa will be in theaters on April 2, 2025 in a surprise project for the actor, a live-action adaptation of the video game Minecraft.

A true global phenomenon, this game created in 2011 by Sweden’s Markus Persson is the world’s best-selling game with over 300 million sales. The film was directed by Jared Hess (Supernacho, The Brains).

So he cast Jason Momoa, Jack Black, Emma Myers, Danielle Brooks, Jennifer Coolidge and Kate McKinnon. The plot of the film introduces us to a teenage girl and an army of adventurers whose mission is to save the Overworld from the evil Ender Dragon. The already filmed work is currently in the post-production phase.

Amazing projects

The Honolulu native has another feature film under his belt: Dante’s Hand. Directed by Julian Schnabel (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), the story follows Nick Toches (Gerard Butler), a writer who learns that a manuscript of Dante’s Divine Comedy stolen from the Vatican has resurfaced in New York.

Missing this opportunity, Nick decides to try to authenticate this manuscript and investigate its origin, journey and author. Jason Momoa shot this work in Italy with a 5-star cast: Gerard Butler, Oscar Isaac, Gal Gadot, Martin Scorsese, Al Pacino and John Malkovich. There is no theatrical release date yet.

Another amazing project of Jason Momoa: Animal Friends. During filming, this work of Peter Atencio will give the actor the opportunity to face Ryan Reynolds, Aubrey Plaza and Vince Vaughn.

Jason Momoa

We don’t know the plot details yet, but the feature film, which will be released on August 27, 2025, should mix animation and live action in the style of Blue & Company or Roger Rabbit.

Next up, Jason Momoa will reprise his role as bad guy Dante Reyes for Fast & Furious 11, before his final showdown with Dom Toretto and his family. You’ll have to wait until 2026 to see the movie.

Source: Allocine

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