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Staff reveals 3 tips to eliminate flaccidity in the bye muscle

Remember that in case of doubt it is always worth consulting a specialist.

Some people are uncomfortable with giving in, right? Even worse when several attempts failed. So, what should you do? Don’t worry, a solution to this problem exists and in this sense the personal trainer Leandro Twin will share three tips to eliminate muscle sagging, hello.

See the three tips to eliminate muscle relaxation


Leandro claimed that the triceps is made up of three “heads”, which must be stimulated to obtain a satisfactory result and, furthermore, series with eight repetitions each give good results.

“Increasing muscle mass fills the space left by the skin and reduces sagging. Therefore, the best solution is to focus on strength exercises that allow you to define the muscles. Work on the distance between the elbow and the torso to activate different heads .

So, for example, you would do a triceps exercise where the elbow is close to the body, like a triceps pulley, and you can do a forehead curl, where the elbow is a little further away, and a French curl which is very far away”, explained the specialist.


“If you consume the right amount of protein, you won’t need to supplement collagen, which helps firm skin and will also stimulate fat burning, muscle production and recovery,” he explained.


Hydration influences elasticity. Therefore simply multiply 35ml to 50ml by your body weight. The quantity varies based on the training and perspiration of each subject. Water helps keep your skin hydrated every day and helps minimize the appearance of sagging.

Final word

“Do not expect immediate or miraculous results. They come over time. Consulting a physical education professional for personalized guidance is a solution for those who want to accelerate this process in a safe way,” concluded Leandro Twin.

Source: Terra

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