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Discover the main misconceptions about Tarot

Negative cards, bad suits or religious practice? It’s not really like that. Come and discover the truth behind these myths

Tarot is a mystical tool that arouses curiosity and fascination, but it is also surrounded by many myths. In this article we will demystify the top 10 misconceptions about Tarot, bringing clarity and understanding to this ancient practice.

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The main misconceptions about Tarot

1. Tarot cards are only used to predict the future

Many people believe that Tarot cards are only for predicting the future. Indeed, Tarot is a tool for self-knowledge and orientation. The cards help you reflect on the present and make informed decisions for the future. Here are some interesting questions to ask about Tarot.

2. Only special people can read Tarot

Another misconception about Tarot is that only people with special gifts can read Tarot cards. In fact, anyone can learn to read Tarot with study and practice. It’s a skill that can be developed like any other.

3. Tarot is a religious practice

Tarot cards are not religious, that is, it does not use any beliefs to function. Even though some cards have religious symbols, all beliefs are the responsibility of those who interpret them, never of the cards themselves.

4. Tarot gives definitive answers

Some believe that the Tarot offers definitive and immutable answers. But, in reality, the cards reflect possibilities and potential, helping to understand trends and explore different paths and choices.

5. Tarot cards are dangerous

There is a fear that Tarot may attract negative energy or negative events. But cards are neutral tools; power lies in the intention and the use made of it. In this sense, they reflect the emotional and mental state of the applicant.

6. Only the Major Arcana are important

Many underestimate its importance Minor Arcanabelieving only that Major Arcana they have profound meanings, but they also bring valuable insights into practical life, everyday material life, ideas and feelings.

7. Tarot can control destiny

The Tarot does not control or determine anyone’s destiny. In fact, it offers insight into what’s to come based on your current circumstances and the choices you’ve made. Therefore, the free will of the querent is always sovereign.

8. There are very negative cards

Cards like “Death”, “The Tower”, “The Devil” and “The Hanged Man” are seen as negative. But The deathfor example, it can mean a symbolic end and new beginnings, while The devil It can indicate financial openness and good sexual performance. This is because no card is good or bad in itself. Therefore it is always necessary to analyze the issue and the context in which it is placed.

9. There are good seeds and bad seeds

The suits of Wands, Cups, Swords and Diamonds represent different aspects of life and are associated with the elements Fire, Water, Air and Earth respectively. There are no intrinsically good or bad seeds; each offers a different and unique perspective on the situation at hand.

10. Playing Tarot online doesn’t work

Both in-person consultations and online readings are effective. The energy and effectiveness of the readings does not depend on the format, but on the concentration and intention of the reader and the client. Discover Personare’s online Tarot games here.

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Leone Chioda ([email protected])

– Leo Chioda is a writer and one of the leading tarot readers active in Brazil. He has a doctorate in literature from the University of São Paulo and his thesis is on poetry and alchemy. No Personare is the author of the Monthly Tarot, Direct Tarot and teacher of the Basic Tarot Course.

Source: Terra

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