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The cuts at Pixar affect nearly 200 employees

One of the largest animation studios in the world, Pixar, has just announced the layoff of 175 people, representing 14% of the company’s total employees.

In a note sent to employees this Tuesday (21), the company’s president, Jim Morris, said the cuts were the most difficult decision he had ever had to make. The statement also states that Pixar is going through a reformulation phase and that the studio’s new focus will be to return to only making feature films.

Many employees already knew they would be fired. This is because Pixar is currently controlled by Disney and the Mickey Mouse company has had this policy in place since last year.

In February, the head of the group, Bob Iger, even gave a number in a teleconference on the results: he spoke of a cut of 7 thousand people. He declared that change would be “necessary to address the challenges we face today”.

Iger added at the time that he aimed to save $5.5 billion in costs – and the layoffs would help him achieve that goal.

Bob Iger, CEO of Disney (Image: Disclosure/Disney)

Role of streaming

Toy Story, by far one of Pixar's best films
Image: Pixar/Disclosure

The studio’s next bet

While it won’t deliver any great original stories, Pixar will fall back on a formula that has worked very well. The studio launches the second part of In reverseconsidered one of the company’s greatest recent successes.

The first film in the series was released in 2015 and grossed $858.8 million at the global box office. Making the conversion, we are talking about over R$ 4 billion.

A success with audiences and critics, the film won the 2016 Oscar in the Best Animated Film category, as well as receiving a nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

Inside out 2 will bring new emotions, which will accompany the development of the now adolescent Riley. Highlighting the anxiety that took over the internet even before the film premiered.

Inside out 2 Its premiere is scheduled for June 20 here in Brazil.

The information comes from The limit.

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