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8 things to do in the kitchen before going on vacation

Coming home after a vacation can be frustrating – to avoid this, do a little prep work in the kitchen before your vacation.

No one is happy when beautiful days at sea or in the mountains give way to everyday office life. A cluttered house can only make things worse. Here’s what to do in the kitchen before you go on vacation to prevent this from happening.

Turn off the equipment

Turning off kitchen appliances before vacation is a mandatory item and perhaps the top item on the departure checklist. “First, it will help prevent a fire. Secondly, this way you will save energy – after all, household appliances also consume energy in standby mode, ”says Lizzie Beasley, an employee of a chain of kitchen furniture stores.

Disabled gadgets should include:

  • microwave,
  • Washing machine,
  • coffee maker,
  • Electric kettle,
  • electric or induction cooker,
  • toaster.

“Check all the sockets in the kitchen, nothing should be plugged into them. You can repeat this ritual twice to have peace of mind,” advises the author of the book “Biological cleaning for the safety of the whole family.” A Chemical-Free Home” by Becky Rapinchuk.


The only exception to the rule is the refrigerator. “If you turn it off, it will defrost and you’ll end up with a very wet floor and a very strong smell, which won’t please both of you,” says Lizzie.

Turn off the water

“Cleanliness is important, but taking precautions in the kitchen before you go on vacation is even more important. Leaks are one of the most common household disasters that can occur while you are away. If you don’t want to spend money on repairs for yourself and your neighbors later, turn off the water during the trip – this will allow you to avoid many problems, ”says Beasley.

Organize your refrigerator

check stocks and expiration dates of food in the kitchen before going on vacation

“Unless you’re planning to conduct a science experiment on mold growth, be sure to add a refrigerator check to your kitchen cleaning checklist before you go on vacation. Eliminating bad odors is a difficult task, so it’s best to prevent them from happening,” says Becky.

She advises using up all perishable foods, such as preparing large portions of food and then freezing some of the prepared meals. (You can grab them as a quick snack when you get home.) What you can’t eat or put in a stew, Rapinchuk suggests giving to the neighbors or throwing it away.

“If you have time, include cleaning the refrigerator in your pre-holiday cooking preparation – wipe down the shelves, get rid of crumbs, check vegetables or in jars for mold. Coming back to the kitchen after restaurants and cafes is not so easy – make sure the fridge doesn’t spoil your mood, ”adds Lizzie.

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Wash the dishes

A sink full of dirty dishes doesn’t improve your mood in any universe. You definitely don’t want to see it when you get home, just like you don’t want to smell the smell that appears from leftover food on the plates. “Wash everything in the sink. If you have a dishwasher, load it and run it. After the cycle is finished, leave it open so the moisture can evaporate, whether you have time to take the dishes apart or not, says Cheryl Nelson, TV personality and travel and disaster preparedness expert.

Throw out the trash and wash the bucket

“Anyone who has ever forgotten to throw out their trash before leaving on a trip swears they will never make that mistake again: the smell you come back to won’t really please your nose. Be sure to add emptying the bucket to your pre-vacation kitchen to-do list, or better yet, sanitize the container. For example, spray the sides and bottom with a solution of equal parts vinegar and water and let it dry. Lizzie recommends.

before the cooking vacation

Refresh your plums

“Checking stocks and expiry dates of food in the kitchen before going on vacation is not the only task to remember if you do not want an unpleasant smell to appear in a room that will not be ventilated for a long time. Don’t forget to clean the pipes, as they accumulate organic waste on which bacteria can build their own Shanghai in your absence,” says Lizzie. Before you leave, she advises pouring half a cup of baking soda down the sink, then pouring in a glass of vinegar, waiting 15 minutes, then rinsing the remaining product with hot water.

Get rid of coffee grounds

“Coffee grounds hide inside the coffee machine, which is why so many people forget to dispose of them when rushing to the train station or airport. Don’t do this: the floor is a great place for mold to grow and the last thing you want when you get home is a cup of cappuccino with a musty smell and an unpleasant taste,” says Lynn Stapf, director of the ‘cleaning company.

Wipe surfaces

“Don’t go too hard, there’s no need to clean the oven. But what immediately catches your eye is best cleaned of crumbs and stains to ensure a smooth return from vacation. So wiping down counters, tables, stoves and sinks won’t take much time,” says Lizzy.

Source: The Voice Mag

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