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Netflix: This is the documentary on the platform right now!

Sex, lies and scandal, these are the three ingredients found in Ashley Madison, the new hit Netflix documentary series. Currently ranked #4 on the charts, this three-part investigation examines the hacking of this dating site that promotes cases of adultery. Exposing the data of millions of men and women who signed up to break up marriages and destroy lives.

The directors could have in front of their cameras people who worked for Ashley Madison’s company, but also people who allowed themselves to be seduced. Among them is Sam Ryder. The French public does not know him, but he and his wife are quite famous YouTubers on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Anna and Hans, remake

The couple became famous in 2013 thanks to a video posted on YouTube. They start over, the way carpool karaoke, titled “Love is a Gift” from the animated film Frozen. More than 10 years later, the video has 23 million views.

This couple especially appeals to American Internet users: successful Christians, they share their ideal family life in the form of vlogs and do not hesitate to show their children. The duo would create another buzz in 2015 when Sam filmed himself putting a pregnancy test in his wife’s urine to tell her she was indeed pregnant. This video has been viewed 19 million times. You can see it here.

On paper, Sam and Nia seemed like the perfect couple, but…

A hack that ruins lives

August 2015. A group of hackers decides to reveal the data of millions of users of the Ashley Madison site and denounces certain illegal practices. Nia has a cold shower. In the documentary, Sam reveals that he signed up for the platform but never left. Lie or truth? Because her husband is a practicing Christian, the wife decides to forgive him.

The couple, who have since welcomed three children into their family, continue to upload videos to YouTube. They took advantage of their notoriety to publish a memoir about the ups and downs of their marriage.

The target of social networks

If the docu-series gets people talking on social media, it’s Sam and Nia who crystallize all the criticism with some pretty brutal tweets that paint their dad as a liar.

“Nia honey, Sam is cheating on you again”

“So Sam would spend all that money only to end up meeting no one? It’s nia…wow”

“Netflix didn’t say the pregnancy test video was fake, that Sam and Nia lied to get views about the abortion…very poor journalism. This documentary is not here to hold them accountable.”

“You can’t tell me Sam and Nia aren’t narcissists and didn’t do this to get more likes on their stupid videos.”

A number of women have also taken to social media X to reveal that they had affairs with Sam, even though there’s no evidence that they’re telling the truth. But one thing’s for sure, if Sam and Nia found fame thanks to Netflix, their likability ratings took a hit…

Ashley Madison3 episode series to watch on Netflix.

Source: Allocine

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