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Burger Day: 7 burger ideas to celebrate!

Burger Day: 7 burger ideas to celebrate!

Burger Day: 7 burger ideas to celebrate!

Imported from the United States and originating from the city of Hamburg, the burger is so loved around the world that it has a day all to itself!


Burger Day is celebrated on May 28th and is a famous date for those who love this snack. There are several ways to celebrate this day with classic and gourmet versions, all with the aim of celebrating passion!

Does your favorite snack have a day of its own? Well, burger enthusiasts can easily say yes. On May 28th Burger daya date chosen to celebrate this passion that unites countless people all over the world.

The classic bread, meat and cheese has won the hearts of millions of people around the world and, for this reason, is present in the daily life of a large part of the population, both in fast food chains, in gourmet versions, and in street carts. or homemade versions.

And what better way to celebrate Burger Day than by eating this snack?

We’ll show you some burger ideas to celebrate this day right away!

What is Burger Day?

Burger Day is a date celebrated all over the world, in May 28th.

On this day, it is common for people who love snacks to gather together to celebrate the date by eating burgers. Snack bars, restaurants and fast food chains, however, take the opportunity to celebrate it by launching promotions, offering special launches and various advantages for their customers.

As well as at the restaurant, Burger Day can also be celebrated at home, with different recipes to please relatives and friends.

How was the burger created?

Have you ever noticed how burgers look a lot like the word “Hamburg,” the name of a German city? It’s not just a coincidence: the burger has roots in this city, known for being Europe’s center of science, research and education.

Between the 19th and 20th centuries, many Germans began to emigrate to the United States. And, as is customary with any immigration, these people brought their culture to the new country, including their eating habits.

One of the common eating habits of Germans, especially those who came from the city of Hamburg, was to eat minced meat. When this way of preparing meat became popular in the new country, it was soon called Hamburg steak, that is, Hamburg meat.

It took a few years before a restaurant called White Castle started serving steamed Hamburg beef, accompanied by two buns and lots of onions at a very attractive price: 5 cents.

In 1937, a few years after White Castle opened, brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald decided to start their own restaurant to sell hamburgers.

Thus was born the largest fast food chain in the world, which today sells 75 hamburgers per second: the first McDonald’s in the world was a small drive-in in San Bernardino, a city in California.

It took time for the McDonald’s model we know today to take shape: before, the McDonald brothers’ restaurant functioned like any drive-in of the time, where customers parked their cars and were served inside. The “order at the counter, pay and collect at the next counter” model emerged in 1948 and continues today.

7 burger ideas to celebrate Burger Day

Since Burger Day has arrived, how about preparing this snack to celebrate?

As burgers became more popular, more and more restaurants began serving them, creating new versions to suit all tastes.

Now look at some versions to be made on that date!

Classic burger

Bread, meat and cheese. The original version of the burger is simple, delicious and, above all, easy to prepare.

Here, it is worth being careful when choosing the meat for your snack – always remember the proportion of 15% to 25% fat for the hamburger -, choosing a good bread, such as brioche, and a cheese that melt well, like processed cheddar.

Burger press

As delicious as the classic hamburger, this version differs in the way it is prepared: it is kneaded on the griddle (smash, from the name, derives from English and means “to knead”), becoming a thin hamburger with a crust.

The advice in this case is to flatten the hamburger and place it on a hot plate before kneading it, to guarantee the delicious crust characteristic of this type of snack.


This burger is more popular in the United States, but it’s still worth trying: in this version the bread, meat and cheese include onion! The meat is steamed, ensuring juiciness and flavor.

But, despite the addition of the ingredient, this is not the biggest difference between the slider and the classic burger: the real difference is the size. The sliders are about 5 centimeters in diameter and resemble a mini hamburger.

In other words, if you’re going to do the slider, be prepared to do several to satisfy your hunger.

X – salad

Nothing better than ensuring freshness in your snack, right? X-salad is the best way to do it.

Here, the classic bread, meat and cheese is enriched with lettuce, tomato and onion and becomes the new version of the snack.

However, there are versions of x-salada that include different salads, such as coleslaw, a typical Dutch coleslaw, or arugula, which works very well to cut the characteristic fat of some meats.

Vegan burger

Burgers are democratic, that is, they are liked by the entire public. And this is no different for those who don’t eat meat: vegan burgers are the perfect option for everyone to celebrate snack day.

There are countless burger options that don’t use meat as a protein, from soy-based preparations, which can be found in markets, to homemade pea, bean, eggplant, pumpkin or chickpea burgers.

It is important to also pay attention to the ingredients of the bread, which cannot contain anything of animal origin, and also to the type of cheese used. As a complement, it is worth investing in salads, jams and even vegan bacon.

Oklahoma style burger

This burger has gone viral on TikTok in recent days for a very different feature: it contains no bread. Instead of bread, the meat and cheese are wrapped in grilled onion rings.

That’s right: it’s a snack that uses onion instead of bread. And those who try it say it’s delicious.

The name Oklahoma-style burger comes from the state of Oklahoma, where the traditional burger is made with lots of caramelized onions.

Chicken Burger

Don’t like beef? That’s not a problem: you can always prepare a delicious snack using chicken.

For the chicken burger it is better to use fattier cuts, such as thighs, and you must pay attention to the purpose of the snack: while the beef can be served rare, the chicken must always be well cooked inside to avoid diseases such as salmonella . .

What to do to complete the burger?

Although bread, meat and cheese are the classics when preparing a burger, many people prefer their snacks with various additional ingredients, such as different sauces, other types of cheese and even french fries inside the snack.

Therefore, to complete your burger and celebrate Burger Day, you can do:

  • Mayonnaise: garlic, green mayonnaise, pepper, peppers, truffle, olive – there are no limits to the imagination when it comes to mayonnaise and its many flavours;
  • Aioli: Seen as a French version of mayonnaise, aioli is made from egg yolks, olive oil, and garlic;
  • Jelly: Made from pepper, guava, pineapple or red berries, jelly is a good way to cut the fat from a snack and still provide a special flavor;
  • Ketchup: traditional ketchup is even more special if homemade and can contain different ingredients, such as guava, to guarantee that sweetness we all love;
  • Barbecue: the “barbecue sauce” guarantees the smoky flavor for the snack and can be prepared at home;
  • Mustard: Want to rock your snack? Make a very rustic homemade mustard to attract everyone’s attention.

Now that you know how to celebrate Burger Day, how about learning how to make perfect oil-free fries from Terra Degusta? Watch!

Source: Terra

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