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Tips for having a garden in a small apartment

Tips for having a garden in a small apartment

Tips for having a garden in a small apartment

From species to rooms, here are the ideas for those who want to create a green corner of their own.

Who has never dreamed of having a house full of plants and flowers, inspired by the Urban Jungle style? However, many people believe that it is not possible to satisfy this desire because they live in small apartments.

Thinking about this problem, the specialist Vasartthrough a series of tips, he shows how it is possible to grow different species or even a small vegetable garden with fresh condiments.

To do this, just use your creativity, use the appropriate elements and compose the environment following the characteristics of the home furnishings! Discover the guidelines!



The living room and balcony of apartments are perfect places to decorate with vases, whatever they are suspended on the ceiling, fixed to the walls, grouped on the flooron the shelves, shelves or wired supports, on vertical walls full of beauty.

Vases from various Vasart collections, as well as the 365 self-watering vegetable garden. Photo by Clariana Fiorello / Acervo Minhas Plantas.

You can also create a file vegetable garden – the latter is also welcome, even in the kitchen, offering condiments to prepare particular recipes!


Vases from the Bali collection.

The recommendation is that residents of small apartments give preference to growing plants that don’t make it big measures depending on their growth, with a view to saving space and which are also easy to care for – especially for those who have a demanding routine.

Vases from the Urban Rio collection.

Among the many species that can live in an apartment there are: violets, anthuriums, begonias, orchids, azaleas, mini rose gardens, mini cacti, small succulent plants in general, pacovás, St. George’s sword, Adam’s rib, peace lily, boa constrictor, ferns, among others.

Vases from the Cacau collection.

You can work with compositions between larger and smaller plantsin order to make the most of all the space in the apartment.


Vases from the SP27 collection in different sizes and shapes.

Another recommendation concerns adaptation in mixed environments – with lights and shadows. When choosing the seedlings to grow, look for all the information regarding their development, so that growth occurs in a healthy way.


Maré self-watering model.

Have you noticed that an environment with plants gives more lightness? It is increasingly common to hear the term Biophilia, which represents a strong trend in architecture, design and decoration. This concept concerns the importance of man’s connection with nature, capable of generate relief, well-being, reduce stress and anxiety.

Vertical garden consisting of three parts and a support for growing a variety of foods.

These sensations can be obtained in different ways: with the inclusion of green elements in the home, with good use of natural light and ventilationthe composition of environments with elements of nature, as well as the actual gardening activity, for anyone who wants to learn.

Source: Terra

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