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What to do in SP on the last long holiday of the year

What to do in SP on the last long holiday of the year

What to do in SP on the last long holiday of the year

Corpus Domini will be next Thursday, May 30th […]

With the last long holiday of the year next Thursday, 2024 is definitely not favorable for those who want to travel.

Corpus Christi, May 30, is pretty much one of the last options for traveling, as part of a vacation. The others are the Constitutionalist Revolution (7/9, Tuesday), only for those from São Paulo, and the Proclamation of the Republic (15/11, Friday).

For those who can’t go very far, the Travel by fare I have prepared this list with some destination options for a day trip or an overnight stay near the capital of Sao Paulo for those who wish to travel for the ultimate long vacation.

What to do on the last long weekend

Free tourism

For those who have a limited budget for travel or don’t want to take the car out of the garage, “Vai de Roteiro” is a program managed by the Municipality and the Municipal Tourism Department of São Paulo that encourages residents to get to know the city itself .

Among the 14 free itineraries are Floresta Cantareira and the Parelheiros region which, depending on the week, includes stops in Selva SP and The Roça Park.

Discover ‘Vai de Roteiro’

Pedra Grande Trail (Cantareira))

This walk in the center of Pedra Grande is approximately six kilometers long (round trip) and of moderate difficulty. Whether you go through the forest or a paved area (40 minutes), be prepared to climb the hill.

“At the end of the route we arrive at the viewpoint, the main attraction of the center. It is beautiful and offers a surreal view”, guarantees Pedro Jorge de Almeida Moraes, a tourismologist who works in the park.

Another option is Engordador, one of four centers in Floresta Cantareira, in the Tremembé neighborhood.

The place has three routes: Macuco, Mountain Bike and Cachoeira, all with a low degree of difficulty and on natural terrain. Cachoeira, for example, is self-guided, three kilometers long and takes about 1h30 round trip.

On the website of Travel by fare (viagemempauta.com.br), you will find more details about this scenic trail with a unique view of the city of São Paulo.

Cantareira Forest

Sao Paulo ecotourism hub

This territory in the extreme south of the city of São Paulo occupies almost 30% of the total surface area of ​​the capital, in the districts of Parelheiros, Marsilac and Ilha do Bororé.

One of the attractions is Selva SP, considered the city’s first and only adventure park, where you can sail on the last clean river of São Paulo, walk trails within the Atlantic Forest and fly over one of the largest remaining areas of this biome in the whole state.


Speedboat at Guarapiranga Dam

It is the third largest water system in the São Paulo metropolitan region, which together with Billings is responsible for approximately 30% of São Paulo’s water supply, this dam measures 26 km² and is more than a drinking water supply reservoir .

Guarapiranga has attractions like tour boat rentals with SUP stops, Eucalyptus Island viewing, and even a beer tour.



About 100 kilometers from the capital São Paulo, Itu is not only the address of exaggerations, but also one of the most beautiful historic centers in the interior of the state, with colonial buildings and cobbled streets.

A perfect weekend destination, Itu boasts well-preserved architecture, historic museums, colonial farms open to visitors and an Ice Age geological park.

This city on the Rota dos Bandeirantes tourist circuit, a sort of miniature Ouro Preto, is also considered the Cradle of the Republic, where at the end of the 19th century the first meetings that would overthrow the Monarchy took place.

Praça da Matriz, in Itu

Neblinas Park

This is a scenic trip, just 115km from the capital São Paulo.

Inaugurated in 2004, after long work on the management of the eucalyptus trees, conservation of the springs and creation of an environmental reserve, the park has stood out for the ecotourism activities that take place in this seven thousand hectare area.

Among the attractions, trails from 360 meters to 11 kilometers in length and canoeing in the calm waters of the Itatinga River.


Serra do Mar State Park

The largest biological corridor of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil crosses 25 municipalities of São Paulo, including the metropolitan region, the Paraíba valley and the north coast.

One of the highlights is the core of Cunha, 230 km from the capital São Paulo and with attractions such as waterfalls that can be visited on self-guided trails or with guides hired on site.

On the website of Travel by fare (viagemempauta.com.br), you will find more details on this and other areas of the park.

Paulista water circuit

From adventure sports to cultural tours, this sightseeing itinerary 127 kilometers from the capital São Paulo covers nine cities in the mountainous regions of São Paulo’s interior.

The Circuito das Águas Paulista is located in the Serra da Mantiqueira and is made up of the municipalities of Águas de Lindoia, Lindoia, Amparo, Socorro, Holambra, Jaguariúna, Monte Alegre do Sul, Pedreira and Serra Negra.

Serra Negra Town Hall/Reproduction

São Bento do Sapucaí

185 kilometers from São Paulo, in the middle of the Serra da Mantiqueira, the climbing mecca of São Paulo is known for the Pedra do Baú State Natural Monument.

Even those who have no experience with this type of activity, even carried out by children, can face the challenge of climbing the over 300 steps of a ladder with iron clamps anchored in the rock, also known as Via Ferrata.

In total it is approximately 3.5 kilometers long, of which 1.8 kilometers are walking through the forest which continues to the base of Pedra do Baú. The experience lasts five to seven hours.

The destination is also known for its mosaic chapels, quilombola art and Nakawe textile atelier.



Just 140 km from the capital Sao Paulo, Socorro is one of those places with options for all tourist profiles.

It features thermal waters, knitwear production, rural tours and adventure activities, which have given the destination the title of the first city in Brazil with international certification for activities of this type.

However, more than City of adventurethis destination in the Serra da Mantiqueira is also known for rural still tourism, clothes shopping in one of the largest centers of its kind in the entire state of Sao Paulo and also for hosting one of the largest granite caves in Brazil .

There on the home page of Travel by fare (viagemempauta.com.br), you will find a post with the description of tourist activities in Socorro.


Source: Terra

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