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4 tricks to prevent premature skin aging

4 tricks to prevent premature skin aging

4 tricks to prevent premature skin aging

Your skin won’t stay young forever, but it is possible to delay the appearance of wrinkles and sagging. competence

Skin aging is a natural and inevitable process. However, it is possible to prevent it from arriving as expected. First of all, it is important to know that each region of the skin goes through a phase of aging and, therefore, experts say that each region requires different care to prevent the common damage caused by aging.

Many factors can accelerate this aging, such as sunbathing without sunscreen, stress and lifestyle characteristics. Likewise, other factors can slow this process and make you healthier, such as a skin and body care routine.

With this in mind, Renata Taylor, physiotherapist and sales consultant at HTM Eletrônica, a reference industry in the development and production of electro-medical and aesthetic equipment, recommends some precautions to prevent premature skin aging:

1 – Use sunscreen every day

Regardless of the time of year, it is essential to use sunscreen. “Ultraviolet radiation acts in all seasons and causes damage that compromises the skin’s support structure, causing the premature appearance of wrinkles and sagging, as well as imperfections”, explains Renata.

The guideline is to reapply sunscreen every four hours indoors and every two hours when exposed directly to the sun, except when synthesizing vitamin D, an essential nutrient for health and beauty.

2 – Always moisturize the skin of your chest and neck

The characteristics of the neck and chest are different from those of other areas of the body. The skin in this region is thinner, has fewer sebaceous glands and suffers more from dryness, the professional points out.

Furthermore, relaxation is also greater, since the amount of collagen fibers in these areas is low. Therefore, always moisturize this region to minimize the visible effects of aging.

3 – Know your skin type

You can’t invest in the right skincare products without first knowing your skin type. Only in this way will you be able to identify which cosmetic is ideal for your skin type. With the right treatment, results can be improved. “When the choice of product is wrong, the active ingredients will work contrary to what the skin needs, favoring inadequate responses,” warns the specialist.

4 – Invest in beauty treatments

Renata emphasizes that beauty treatments added to daily home care improve skin rejuvenation effectively and safely. Intense pulsed light equipment, for example, offers a specific treatment for rejuvenation.

“This technology promotes the synthesis of collagen and acts on the depigmentation of imperfections, in particular age spots. Furthermore, it treats varicose veins which tend to appear near the nose and cheeks”, underlines the physiotherapist.

Did you know that nutrition also influences skin health? We have put together a list of foods that can accelerate skin aging. Watch it in the video:

Source: Terra

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