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A little extra: 4.56 million admissions… How far will Artus’ comedy go at the French box office?

A little extra: 4.56 million admissions… How far will Artus’ comedy go at the French box office?

Box office France from 22 to 28 May

1 – A little over: 1,131,547 entries (cumulative: 4,564,824 entries)

2 – Furiosa: 358,804 entries (new)

3 – Planet of the Apes: The New Kingdom: 276,056 entries (cumulative: 1,842,249 entries)

4 – Blue & Compagnie: 112,362 entries (cumulative: 850,017 entries)

5 – Second Act: 95,883 entries (cumulative: 338,540 entries)

6 – Marcello Mio: 86,641 entries (new)

7 – Back to Black: 57,444 entries (cumulative: 1,018,378 entries)

8 – The Fall Guy: 46,199 entries (cumulative: 590,758 entries)

9 – Les Intruses: 42,576 entries (cumulative: 123,465 entries)

10 – Stolen Painting: 39,422 entries (cumulative: 309,708 entries)

to remember

How far will it go? A little something extra ? The Artus comedy continues to lead the French box office with 1.1 million more viewers in its 4th week of operation. With an admission score of 4.56 million, it became France’s biggest hit of the year as of Monday, ahead of Dune 2 (4.10 million).

The phenomenon continues

At this rate, it will soon overtake big comedies like the successful Les Tuche 2 (4.62m) and What We Still Did To The Good Lord (6.72m). Therefore, 7 million tickets sold are available for the spring 2024 cinema phenomenon. very far behind Furiosa Takes second place with over 350,000 entries in its first week.

The prequel, starring Anya Taylor-Joy, failed to chart as high as Mad Max Fury Road, and its debut with 905,000 tickets fell flat in 2015. in the 3rd position, planet of the apes Hangs well and flirts with 2 million viewers.

Quentin Dupierre as the outsider!

Quentin Dupierre, on the other hand, should surpass his biggest hit, Daaaaali (482,718 admissions). with the second actThe director has already gathered 340,000 curious people. As for Christophe Honoré’s new film, Marcello MioIt has sold a little more than 86,000 tickets.

With this performance, he surpassed in one week the score of his previous feature Le Lycée, which reached 76,751 participants at the end of its release.

at the end of the table autumn boy Experiencing a hit, trying to reach 600,000 viewers. On the other hand, Stolen paintingDirected by Pascal Bonitzer, it did well with more than 300,000 curious people in theaters.

Source: CBO Box office

Source: Allocine

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