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Ice cream with macarons or macarons filled with ice cream?

Two delicacies born from the collaboration between Artisano Gelato and May Macarrons

One celebration, two delights! To celebrate three years of Artisano Gelato, master ice cream maker Marcio Ohta invited pastry chef Mayra Toledo, of May Macarrons, to create together three versions of amaretti filled with ice cream (sold in the May store for R$20) and two versions of ice cream with Amaretti biscuits .

The launch of the limited edition desserts will take place on June 14th. The French-Italian collaboration includes macarons filled with mascarpone and creamy guava paste, pistachios and chocolate with fleur de sel.

The ice cream flavors developed in an unprecedented partnership between the brands are 80% chocolate with marshmallow blend, macaroni cone and fleur de sel, and vanilla bean ice cream, toasted pistachios, raspberry jelly and macaroni cone ( R$ 79, 500 ml)

“We carried out tests to see if the macaron maintained its characteristics within the ice cream and the result was so positive that we decided to launch two flavors and three options of macaron filled with ice cream,” says Ohta.

The desserts are only on display until July 30th.

Homemade ice cream: tel.: 11 97810-3401

May Macarons: Alameda Campinas, 1049, tel.: 11 2385-9011, Jardim Paulista

Source: Terra

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