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Winter is coming: find out how to prepare your home

With cold days upon us, transform your home into a warm and welcoming haven!

As the winter approaches, it is essential to have a welcoming and well-heated environment. So, take a look at some tips from Shopping Interlar Interlagos to transform your home with small furnishing changes and have more comfort and well-being on cold days.

Add rugs to rooms

Carpets are the perfect solution to keep the floor warm and provide a feeling of comfort, adding elegance to rooms. Given the wide variety on the market, it is not difficult to find a model that suits your tastes. Natural fiber rugs enhance neutral and rustic spaces and also play the role of warming the home.

Wooden objects are very welcome

Project by Fernanda Medeiros.

Because they have a natural thermal insulatorwooden objects help keep rooms at a balanced temperature, preventing them from becoming cold in winter and excessively hot in summer.

Invest in lighting fixtures

Project by designer Henrique Freneda.

Chandeliers or lamps with warm yellow bulbs create a feeling of warmth. Lamps and candles are also great options, adding a touch of elegance to the decor.

Don’t forget blankets and pillows

Project by Daniela Funari.

On typical winter days, there’s nothing better than a couch or bed full of pillows and blankets, right? And those made of thick, soft fabrics significantly increase comfort and create a cozy atmosphere.

Source: Terra

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