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Translucent Powder: What It Is For and How to Use It

Translucent Powder: What It Is For and How to Use It

Translucent Powder: What It Is For and How to Use It

Makeup artists talk about the benefits that translucent powder can bring to makeup. Watch!

OR translucent powder It is a product that helps seal foundation and concealer, making makeup last much longer and not melting it during the day.

“It’s known for being a fine, lightweight, colorless powder, which means it suits all skin tones without changing the color of your makeup,” she says. Lavoisier SouzaEudora’s makeup expert.

What is translucent powder used for?

Second Letícia Gomesmakeup artist and influencer, translucent powder has several purposes, including:

  • Keep your makeup on longer;
  • Absorb excess oil from the skin;
  • Smoothes the appearance of pores and fine lines;
  • Promote a matte, velvety finish;
  • Make small touch-ups throughout the day;
  • Ensure a more even makeup application.

What is the difference between translucent and compact powder?

Letícia explains that the difference between translucent powder and compact powder is in the product consistency and so on coverage they provide.

According to the makeup artist, the translucent powder is thin, loose and is generally colorless or has a light tint that adapts to different skin tones without adding color. Compact powder is more ” heavy” and offers greater coverage.

“Translucent powder provides very light, almost invisible coverage, while pressed powder provides sheer to medium coverage,” she says.

“In terms of purpose, translucent powder is mainly used for Fixing and gloss controlwithout changing the color of the base, while the compact powder can be chosen by those who want extra coverage”, adds Gomes.

How to apply translucent powder?

“To apply translucent powder, first make sure your foundation and concealer are set, then lightly dip in cute brush into the powder and pat lightly to remove excess. Apply the powder using gentle, circular motions, focusing on areas that tend to suffer the most from oil, such as the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin),” teaches the Emerson Damasmakeup artist and influencer.

If you prefer, you can also use a sponge to apply translucent powder to the face. “It’s great for precision in specific areas, like under the eyes, to prevent concealer from building up in fine lines,” Damas suggests.

How to choose a good translucent powder?

To choose a good translucent powder, Eudora’s makeup expert recommends checking that the product has a truly fine, lightweight texture and a formula free of ingredients that could cause clogged pores or irritation.

“Always choose trusted brands who offer high-quality products and buy a powder that guarantees a mattified result without leaving the skin dry,” says Lavoisier.

“And of course, if possible, Test the powder on your skin before purchasingto see if it meets your expectations and needs,” concludes Emerson.

Source: Terra

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