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8 Common Gym Weight Training Machines

8 Common Gym Weight Training Machines

8 Common Gym Weight Training Machines

See the main muscles worked by each of them

In the gym, weight training is usually done on equipment that helps direct and control movements, allowing muscle groups to be isolated and executed with proper form. They are also usually adjustable, allowing people of different fitness levels to adjust the resistance to their abilities and goals.

Below, discover 8 common gym equipment and the muscles they work!

1. Leg press

The leg press helps work the lower body

The leg press is a piece of equipment with an inclined seat, where the user is lying or semi-lying, and a platform for resting the feet. The exercise is generally performed by pushing this platform with the feet, extending the legs against the resistance offered by the weights.

According to Felipe Fonseca de Oliveira, a Physical Education teacher, the device It works the muscles fully engage the muscles of your lower back, such as your quadriceps (muscles on the front of your thighs), hamstrings, glutes, and triceps surae (known as your calves), as well as your lower back.

“Strengthening these muscles helps prevent injuries to the knee and hip joints, and they also burn a lot of calories because they are a large muscle area, helping you lose weight,” she says.

2. Chair flexor

The chair flexor helps work the back of the thighs

Typically, the chair flexor features a seat with adjustable leg support. In it, the person sits and places the lower legs under pillows or rollers. To perform the exercise, bend the knees and bring the heels toward the buttocks.

This equipment helps to strengthen and tone the hamstrings, located at the back of the thighs. “Working in this region brings great benefits, such as increase in strengthresistance and balance in general, also improving posture, in addition to having a high caloric expenditure”, underlines Felipe Fonseca de Oliveira.

3. Extendable armchair

The extendable chair helps tone the front of the thighs

The leg extension is physically similar to the flexor. However, in it the user places the legs behind pads or rollers, located above the ankles. Typically, during the exercise, the person extends the legs against resistance, lifting the pad until the legs are almost completely straight.

This device helps to strengthen and tone the quadriceps, located at the front of the thighs. “Working this region has the advantage of strengthening the knee region, to avoid injuries, in addition to working on stability and balance,” explains the Physical Education teacher.

4. Squat Hacks

The hack helps strengthen the muscles of the lower body

The hack squat involves an inclined structure with a sliding carriage where the user lies on their back, with their shoulders and back supported, and their feet placed on a fixed platform. In general, the exercise is performed by raising and lowering the body against the resistance of the weights, pushing the carriage with the shoulders and back. This device is highly recommended for those new to the gym or for the elderly, as it offers better stabilization.

According to Felipe Fonseca de Oliveira, this type of equipment helps work the lower body, such as the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and hip flexors. The professional explains that toning and strengthening this area of ​​the body helps prevent injuries. In addition, the exercise promotes calorie expenditure.

5. Adductor/adductor chair

The abductor/adductor chair works the leg muscles

The abductor/adductor chair is a piece of equipment with a seat and backrest on which the user sits and places their legs on adjustable cushions or supports. In the abductor, you must open your legs against the resistance of the weights, working the outer thigh and gluteal muscles. In the adductor, on the other hand, you must close your legs against resistance, working the inner thigh muscles.

The Physical Education teacher explains that the Strengthen these regions It is important to provide greater stability to the muscles of the lower body, helping to prevent injuries.

6. Pulley

The pulley can be used for exercises aimed at strengthening the arms

The structure of the pulley consists of a base with one or more columns of weights connected to cables that pass through pulleys, ending with handles or adjustable bars. In general, the person can change the height of the handles and select the desired amount of weight, allowing do exercises with pulling or pushing movements from different angles.

The pulley is a very versatile piece of equipment in the gym. This is because it can be used to perform different types of exercises. In this way, according to Felipe Fonseca de Oliveira, it is possible to work different muscle groups, including the chest, back, shoulders, arms and legs, in addition to improving coordination and core stability.

7. Bench

The bench helps to work the chest muscles

The bench consists of a bench, which can be flat, inclined or declined, with an adjustable support for the weight bar. Typically, to perform exercises on the machine, the person lies down and pushes the bar up and down, performing controlled movements.

The Physical Education teacher explains that the equipment helps to work the chest muscles (with greater emphasis depending on the inclination of the bench), shoulders and triceps. Strengthening these regions, according to him, helps prevent injuriesespecially on the shoulder.

8. Guided Bar/Blacksmith

Smith allows you to do squats and many other exercises

The guided bar, also called a blacksmith, consists of a weight bar mounted on vertical rails, which allow for up and down movements. This is another versatile piece of equipment in the gym, as you can perform exercises such as squats, bench presses, rows and deadlifts, working different muscle groups.

Source: Terra

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