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Jeans, Black, Dresses: 13 Looks to Pack

Jeans, Black, Dresses: 13 Looks to Pack

Jeans, Black, Dresses: 13 Looks to Pack

Are you planning on taking the holidays to travel, especially to warmer places, we’ve put together 13 looks from the suitcases of celebrities who’ve been on holiday lately to inspire you, focusing especially on wildcard pieces.

We have dresses, shirts, jeans (jacket, shirt and pants), tank tops and, come on, a little fashion exercise to break away from the cliché, without losing the practicality of production. Come and see what Maisa, Sasha, Adriane Galisteu, Sabrina Sato and Carla Diaz have packed in their bags.



If the place you are going to is warm, bring simple clothes like you did. Sashawith black and brown models. Black is the best choice, but if you want to be fashionable, brown is the trend of the moment.


Sasha and Adriane Galisteu (Photo: reproduction/Instagram)

Sasha and Adriane Galisteu proves that packing shirts is a great option to pair with any outfit: skirt, pants, and shorts. The great thing is that it’s made of a fabric that doesn’t wrinkle too much, like cotton with elastane or microfiber.


Maisa and Adriane Galisteu

Packing black blouses in your luggage is a surefire way to pair them with other basic or less basic pieces, like they did. Maisa and Adriane Galisteu. It can be a long skirt with a slit, denim shorts or a pleated skirt. Celebrities have shown off looks for different occasions, from the most social to going out. The shoes prove it: pumps, boots and sneakers.


Maisa, Sabrina Sato, Carla Diaz

In your suitcase you can’t miss a jacket, shirt and jeans, to match with other pieces, like a white tank top or to wear with jeans, like Maisa, Sabrina Sato and Carla Diaz. Remembering that a denim jacket is an all-rounder, especially when traveling. And cargo pants are always practical and functional.

Dress + jacket

Adriana Galisteu

Adriana Galisteu She took it to Japan, on a family trip, with a zip-up dress and a cropped Adidas jacket. The pieces can be used separately and combined with others, creating different looks in one trip.

Source: Terra

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