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Vinegar Sympathies: Learn to Forget That Terrible Ex!

Vinegar Sympathies: Learn to Forget That Terrible Ex!

Vinegar Sympathies: Learn to Forget That Terrible Ex!

Find out how vinegar spells can help you get a past love out of your head or even get rid of someone bad

You may have noticed, if you are used to looking for spells to improve your life, that many of them use spices or even foods, right? After all, many of them have the great power to improve energy, ward off bad things and attract what you desire.

But what about vinegar, did you already know that it could be used in spells along with other ingredients or actions? That’s right! Especially in those rituals related to forgetting or getting rid of an annoying ex!

So, check it out powerful vinegar spells:

To get someone out of your head

To get rid of the desire to go back to your ex or get involved with someone who is wrong, do this spell before going to bed. Take your mattress and place it on the floor or move the bed away from the wall. Pour vinegar around the space where you will sleep, forming a circle.

Do this circle for a week and then you will forget about that person.

To get rid of an annoying person

This sympathy is used to drive away unwanted people, especially if it is an ex. To express condolences, take a small pot with a lid, put a piece of paper with the person’s name on it, pour in a little water and a few drops of vinegar.

Then cover it all and put it in the freezer. The next day bury the pot in a garden or in a pot far from home. Repeat the sympathy until the person moves away from you.

To forget an ungrateful love

To forget a love, take a photo of the person, wrap it in a piece of unused red paper, add three drops of red vinegar and add three basil leaves, tying everything with a piece of red ribbon.

Then, throw the package in the trash and leave the place without looking back. Do this spell on Friday and don’t tell anyone.

Source: Joao Bidu

Source: Terra

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