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Amado Batista becomes accused of the death of a child that occurred on his farm

Amado Batista becomes accused of the death of a child that occurred on his farm

The lawsuit was filed by caretakers who lost a child to drowning in the singer’s swimming pool.

Singer Amado Batista, recently sentenced to pay alimony to his ex-girlfriend, has become a defendant in another extremely serious case. This time the artist is being sued for the death of a child that occurred in one of his properties. The information was revealed this Friday (7/5) by columnist Fábia Oliveira.

The perpetrators of the action, currently underway in the state of Goiás, are a couple of former caretakers of the artist’s farm, identified as Tatiane Francisca and Jorlan Barbosa, who moved there with their two children.

According to the documents, they asked other Batista employees to fence off the pool area, but their request was not granted, resulting in the drowning death of their youngest son, just three years old.

And there’s more!

The authors also denounce the negligence of the staff in helping the child, who was not taken to a hospital in the capital to be treated with better means and equipment. The hospital unit was closer to the property than the in-house clinic. The couple said they only returned to work on the farm, as they depended on the salary to survive.

But it doesn’t end there, as former caretakers report that Batista presented a relaxed and cold attitude towards the situation, without even offering psychological support to the child’s parents. The singer even threw a party there shortly after the tragedy.

The documents also show that the employees were fired unexpectedly because of alleged poor hygiene in food handling. The allegations were denied by Tatiane, who is responsible for preparing meals at the farm.

Given the situation, the couple decided to file a lawsuit asking for a monthly pension, which will be paid based on the expected age that the son will reach. If the artist prefers, the pension can be replaced by a lump sum payment of R$ 450,000, to which will be added a request for compensation of R$ 500,000 for moral damages.

Source: Terra

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