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Traveling? Find out what medications to pack

Traveling? Find out what medications to pack

Traveling? Find out what medications to pack

For those traveling alone or in company, a medicine bag is essential. The doctor indicates which ones to pack

With the arrival of the July holidays, many Brazilians prepare to travel and enjoy some well-deserved rest. However, to ensure that health-related unforeseen events do not interrupt the trip, it is essential to plan the contents of the suitcase well, especially with regard to essential medicines.

The first step before packing your medicine bag is to talk to a doctor you trust and explain your trip. He or she will be able to write a prescription with the names of the medicines, the appropriate doses, and the indication for use.

It is also worth noting that medications should be carried in hand luggage for several reasons. “The checked bag can be subject to temperature changes and deteriorate the medication. Another point: the checked bag can get lost, and for those who use medications for a chronic disease, this can be a risk,” warns endocrinologist Lorena Lima Amato.

In addition, the packaging in which the medicines will be stored must be transparent. In general, according to the doctor, the volume of medicines is already that permitted for international flights (up to 100 ml).

“If it’s an injectable medicine, you can also carry syringes and needles. However, I would like to stress the importance of carrying a doctor’s prescription that explains the dosage and the purpose of using the medicine,” advises Lorena.

Another important indication is to take medicines that have not yet been used, that is, those that are in sealed packages. In this way, it is possible to avoid the product leaking. “If you are taking medicines that are already in use, I recommend that you remove the cap, use transparent film and close it with the cap”, comments the specialist.

What medicines to pack

Lorena indicates the main drugs not to be missed when traveling. Look:

  • Anti-allergy medications, ointments against insect bites and remedies against nausea are also recommended, always with a prescription from your doctor;
  • Air conditioning on the plane dries out the mucous membranes and eyes. Therefore, it is recommended to take artificial tears and nasal wash;
  • Put medicines for intestinal and menstrual cramps in the pharmacy;
  • Depending on where you are traveling and the type of food you plan to try during the trip, it is advisable to take probiotics and artificial fibers in sachets.

Finally, make a laminated list of all the medications you are taking and the dosages recommended by your doctor. That way, if you need to take medication, it will be much easier to pull the list out of your bag rather than having to take the package insert and read it all over.

Another tip from experts is to stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. It is also important to avoid eating raw foods in unfamiliar places and to take out travel insurance that covers medical emergencies.

“Even in some places in Brazil, we don’t always find the medicines we are used to and, therefore, it is very important to travel safely, with the support of your doctor”, emphasizes Lorena.

Source: Terra

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