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New York Special: This actor changed his career thanks to his character

New York Special: This actor changed his career thanks to his character

Even if she was only on NYS for 5 seasons, Stephanie March still managed to make a special place in the hearts of fans of the detective series with her role as Assistant Prosecutor Alexandra “Alex” Cabot.

In the casting of seasons two through five, as well as in season eleven, the character decided to quit her job in New York in the season 11 finale to help sexually exploited women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A fictional career change that had a huge impact on the actor’s life.

When fiction becomes reality

in the given interview peopleStephanie March recalled this episode, which had a profound effect on her. “I remember it very clearly and it stuck in my mind at the time.

I think, in a way, everything happens for a reason. This is partly why I became interested in the Panzi Foundation” she explained, returning to her decision, off-screen, to work with this organization, which seeks to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war, while supporting survivors in the Dominican Republic of Congo.

I felt my passion was to advocate for women and girls who have survived sexual violence and to show how sexual violence robs us of our bodily autonomy and rights..”

New York’s Special Forces predicted the future

Stephanie March also recalled the moment she joined the cast of SVU in 2000 and now jokes that the show “Some sort of device that allows him to predict the future or travel through time. This is the New York Special Section Oracle!“.

I’m not sure when I got the role I was going to do it, but when I started acting I found the subject both disturbing and fascinating. It just wasn’t something I could put off when I got home from work at night“, he explained.

So I chose how I wanted to participate in the change and how I wanted to use my voice. I’ve been lucky enough to find places where these interests intersect, and it’s something that’s especially close to my heart.

Even if Stephanie March is no longer part of the series, the New York special unit became the longest-running drama in television history thanks to its twenty-fifth season earlier this year. A record that the detective series will beat once again, as it has been renewed for a 26th season, which will arrive in the United States at the beginning of the next academic year.

Source: Allocine

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