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5-Year-Old Dog Dies During Ground Transport, Family Receives Body in Styrofoam

5-Year-Old Dog Dies During Ground Transport, Family Receives Body in Styrofoam

5-Year-Old Dog Dies During Ground Transport, Family Receives Body in Styrofoam

Guardians of golden retriever Gaia accuse the company responsible for the transfer, Moovipet, of negligence

One 5-year-old dog, called Gaia, died during transport from São Luís (MA) to São PauloJune 28. The animal’s family, who opted for ground transportation for fear that he might die during the flight, as happened with the dog Joca, accuses the company responsible for the transfer of negligence.

The tutors have taken on the services of Moovipet, which transports animals over land. Gaia embarked on June 26 on a trip that would take them through 11 states. The next day, the tracker indicated that the van carrying the golden retriever had been stopped. The family tried to contact the company, but received no response.

On the morning of June 28, they were informed that the vehicle had broken down in Pará. The owner then asked if the animals would be removed from the car so they would not suffer from hyperthermia. An official assured that this measure would be taken. Hours later, the family was informed Gaia is dead.

“The company was unable to explain what happened, did not provide any details about his death, much less a death certificate or medical records from a veterinary clinic. To make matters worse, they were reluctant to send his body, suggesting that he be incinerated or even thrown on the street God knows how,” the account of the guardians on a social network says.

After much insistence, the company agreed to send the body Gaia back in São Luís, on June 30, “in a car and inside a poorly refrigerated polystyrene, packed in a black bag. It was a total shock. We refused to receive the body in those conditions. We registered a BO [Boletim de Ocorrência] and we managed to convince a veterinary clinic in São Luís to keep the body in the refrigerator until 01/07, when we took it to UEMA [Universidade Estadual do Maranhão] for the autopsy. So far the company has not sent us any documentation, photos or videos of Gaia, nor a death certificate, they even tried to get this certificate from the clinic in São Luís, which kept her in the refrigerator. Total absurdity.”, he said.

The Civil Police of Maranhão will investigate the case. Gaia’s owners have started a campaign on social media demanding justice for the dog.

Among the comments, they began to receive other reports of owners who also saw their pets die while traveling with the Moovipet.

OR Earth I tried to contact Moovipet, but so far I have not received a response. The space remains open.

Source: Terra

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