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Is makeup the villain of healthy skin? Quite the opposite!

Is makeup the villain of healthy skin? Quite the opposite!

Is makeup the villain of healthy skin? Quite the opposite!

Dermatologists explain the care needed when using makeup

Recently, the use of makeup has been questioned again as it could be associated with skin problems if used during physical activity or if not removed during sleep. But is makeup really bad for skin health?

“The use of these cosmetics can also help prevent and combat aging. These products, previously intended only to adorn or beautify the face, if formulated correctly and used daily, help protect against various environmental aggression factors, mainly ultraviolet radiation, pollution and visible light,” explains dermatologist Claudia Marçal, member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology.

“In addition to improving the appearance of the skin, it acts as a physical shield. The most modern makeup has active ingredients capable of treating the skin with the presence of antioxidants, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, anti-pollutants and substances that promote a tightening effect. Its role is not limited to bringing color, texture and uniformity to the face. Today, makeup has a great appeal in maintaining physiological balance and protecting our skin from environmental damage,” adds the dermatologist.

However, to make the most of the beautification of makeup, it is also necessary to pay attention to the preparation of the skin, according to pharmacist Maria Eugênia Ayres, technical manager of Biotec Dermocosméticos.

“It is essential to follow a skin preparation routine that focuses on hydration and protection, such as using a gentle hydrating cleanser that does not remove sebum from the skin, exfoliating with natural or enzymatic products once a week to remove dead cells, using hydrating serums, primers and foundations. To look for in the formulas I recommend the active ingredient Hyaxel, a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid vectored by the silicon molecule that will provide high hydration to the skin,” explains the pharmacist. “And finally, we can use antioxidants such as OTZ 10, Alistin and Ascorbosilane C and, of course, daily sunscreens to prevent skin aging caused by UVA/UVB rays,” explains Maria Eugênia.

The real advantages

Once your skin is ready for makeup, you can get great benefits, but it’s always good to remember that these products must be of good quality, well formulated and from well-known and established brands, according to dermatologist Claudia Marçal.

“Currently, good makeup always has a photoprotective effect, so it is preferable to use it with subsequent hygiene treatments rather than not using it just for fear of dirt accumulation (which can be removed during sequential cleansing)”, explains Danilo Talarico, Doctor of Clinical-Surgical Dermatology and full professor.

And, of course, there are some situations where you need to be careful: during exercise, for example. “Makeup can interfere with the skin’s ability to regulate moisture during exercise, creating a barrier that makes it difficult for sweat to evaporate. Therefore, it can clog pores and make it difficult to remove sebum and debris from the skin during exercise, which can lead to the accumulation of impurities and potentially cause acne and other skin problems,” explains dermatologist Ana Maria Pellegrini, a member of the Brazilian Society. Dermatology.

Another precaution is not to sleep with makeup on. “The skin needs its recovery time (tissue repair) free from the chemical and physical agents contained in makeup products. If this does not happen correctly, the combined effect of this stress on the skin can lead to dryness, inflammation, irritation, blackheads, acne, premature aging, loss of shine and softness,” explains Danilo.

“Sleeping with makeup on, especially with products containing fragrances or other irritating ingredients, can also cause inflammation, redness and itching, especially in people with sensitive skin,” adds Ana Maria Pellegrini.

“The unanimous advice is to use a good makeup remover, a cleansing gel or a micellar water to remove any coarse residues, and wash with the facial soap suitable for your skin type. A toner is optional, but a repairing moisturizer is essential. Then follow the therapeutic routine prescribed by your trusted doctor”, explains Danilo.

Another important tip from Ana Maria Pellegrini is to choose your makeup appropriately. “Opt for products labeled as non-comedogenic to minimize the risk of clogged pores. Also, keep your makeup brushes and sponges clean with regular cleaning, this way you avoid transferring bacteria to your skin,” explains the doctor.

And if you want to wear less and less makeup, outpatient procedures can help. “Today, technologies help a lot to maintain the quality of the skin, but they don’t work alone, they require minimal daily help from the patient,” says Danilo, who recommends treatments such as the Solon laser, Atria microfocused ultrasound, and Megaderme Duo microneedling radiofrequency. “All of them can help the texture and quality of the skin, helping to build collagen,” concludes the doctor.


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