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Are Chocolate Treatments Good for Your Skin? Expert Explains

Are Chocolate Treatments Good for Your Skin? Expert Explains

Are Chocolate Treatments Good for Your Skin? Expert Explains

There are several skin treatments that use chocolate, but is this ingredient really good for your skin?

You’ve probably heard it. Eating chocolate is bad for your skin And it causes pimples, right? However, this is not necessarily the case: it will all depend on the type of chocolate consumed. This is because those rich in sugar and fat can actually be harmful to the skin, but the bitter ones can actually be good for it.

After all, cocoa itself is very beneficial for the skin, working as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, if in adequate quantities. And that’s not all: just as chocolate, when it’s the right one, is good for the skin, there are several beauty treatments that use it in some way.

“There are various treatments that can be done, from creams with active ingredients extracted from cocoa to peels, lotions and moisturizing creams. There are various options on the market, some of which only have the aroma of chocolate”, says Dr. Fernanda Nichelle, a doctor who works exclusively in the aesthetic field.

According to her, chocolate can actually be very beneficial to the skin when it has a high cocoa content. However, you have to be very careful before carrying out these treatments, so that they really do the desired effect and not the opposite.

Care and risks

First, you need to know what else is used in the treatment besides chocolate. After all, even if it won’t harm your skin by itself, some other ingredient might.

It is also worth mentioning that it is not good to do home treatments with chocolate. “This is because simply putting chocolate on the skin can cause damage such as acne. For example, chocolate often has fat added, and this fat can react with the skin, causing excessive oiliness and even lesions, such as acne,” explains Dr. Fernanda Nichelle.

Even if you go to a specialized place for treatment, there is always a risk. “Some active ingredients can appear with chocolate and this can cause dermatitis or skin allergies. Sometimes, even excess fat can cause alterations and cause damage,” comments the expert.

In other words, chocolate is good for your skin depending on the circumstances, but you need to be aware of the possible risks and be careful!

Source: Terra

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