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Learn the Power Bath for 07/07

Learn the Power Bath for 07/07

Learn the Power Bath for 07/07

The Tarot Reader Explains How to Use the Energy of the Date to Attract Good Energy

The number seven is considered powerful and mystical in many cultures around the world. It appears frequently in religious, philosophical, and scientific contexts. In the Bible, for example, it is often mentioned, such as in the seven days of creation.

“If we stop to notice, we can realize that the number is part of the construction of the world! God created the planet in six days and on the seventh he rested; there are seven musical notes; also seven colors of the rainbow. The number is powerful and can bring a lot of prosperity”, explains tarot reader Isabel Fogaça.

The combination of these cultural, religious and scientific influences contributes to the perception of the number seven as a symbol of power and completeness.

Herbal bath on July 7 helps to attract love and protection

Bath for 07/07

According to the tarot reader, it is recommended to take a seven-herb bath on 07/07. This herbal mix can be found in esoteric and mystical shops. “It cleans energy, purifies, brings love, protection and success! It is a complete bath,” says Isabel Fogaça, adding: “If you do not want to take a bath or want something more, you can buy seven herbal incenses and smoke in all the rooms of the house during the day 7/7.”

To make the syrup, heat a liter of water over medium heat and add a handful of aromatic herbs. First test the water with the herbs on your skin. If you have no allergic symptoms, turn it upside down before going to sleep on the night of the portal 07/07, always thinking of beautiful things and with a lot of faith.

By Isabel Fogaça

Source: Terra

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