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Police Prove Ana Hickmann’s Signatures on Contracts Were Forged

Police Prove Ana Hickmann’s Signatures on Contracts Were Forged

The report shows that more than 48 signatures were not signed by Ana Hickmann

The Criminalistic Institute of the Scientific Police has demonstrated that there are over 48 signatures attributed to the Ana Hickman in the contracts, they are falsified and were not signed by her.

The documentation was the subject of a complementary expert assessment requested by the DEIC (State Department of Criminal Investigations). According to the documents of the police investigation, which the LeoDias Portal once access is obtained, there is no authenticity of the signatures.

“The conclusion now reached was made in light of the graphical incompatibilities observed in comparisons made between the versions in question and the comparison models offered,” says an excerpt from the documentation.

The document, which is already in the hands of Ana Hickmann, indicates that her ex-husband Alexander Correamanipulated the transactions, erasing them from the accounting records. In addition, the report reveals that Alezinho’s father issued several cold notes and that his signature was forged.

Money transfer

“The surprising [das movimentações financeiras] It is not limited to the amount of money transferred [para as contas de Alexandre]but rather the hidden way in which these departures were accounted for”He said Claudius Wagner in the document published by the journalist Monica Bergamofrom Folha de S. Paulo.

Source: Terra

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