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Carla Vilhena comments on the repercussions of her makeover: ‘Evolution of my health’

Carla Vilhena comments on the repercussions of her makeover: ‘Evolution of my health’

Carla Vilhena comments on the repercussions of her makeover: ‘Evolution of my health’

A 57-year-old journalist lost weight by re-educating his diet

The journalist Carla Vilhena57 years old, he said he did it She was surprised after a post she made showing a before and after went viral on the Internet. She said she feels it is necessary to share her findings, but made it clear that the change is not motivated by aesthetics, but by health.

“I was very touched not only by the repercussions, but by the fact that people were seeking me out to talk about a topic that they often don’t have anyone to talk to,” she told the newspaper. The globe.

In the interview published this Sunday, 7, Carla says she gained weight during the pandemic, when she went through difficult times, such as the death of her father. She managed to lose weight through a nutritional re-education, guided by a nutritionist recommended by the model and presenter Solange Frazão.

“I went through an extremely stressful situation, having to bury my father without vaccination. We also went to a cemetery for fear of dying. It is very difficult to talk about it,” Carla recalls.

According to her, with all the stress, she ended up becoming sedentary and, after some tests, she discovered a series of illnesses. “I started to be afraid of the loss of mobility, of physical capacity. Whatever I did, it took my breath away. High cholesterol that I had never had, high cortisol, peak stress hormones. I never had that, on the contrary. I always had perfect grades. All of this shook me, I’ve never been this bad,” she said.

With the help of a nutritionist, she went on a diet from April to August last year and lost ten kilos. “I’m not hungry. It was crazy. I’ve never seen that before,” she said.

Although he was happy with all the attention, he regretted the criticism. “People look at the photo and say, ‘But you mean she’s prettier in the second photo than in the other? But I don’t think so. I think she’s ugly in both cases.’ Or, ‘I think she got worse when she lost weight.’ Then I thought, ‘Guys, this isn’t a post about beauty. This is about a whole evolution of my health, how I managed to change the indicators that were bad.’ I wasn’t healthy,” he clarified.

“There are people who think it’s an aesthetic issue, but it’s not. It’s not even to get praise. I said thank you and I’m calm, I feel good,” Carla explained.

Source: Terra

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